May 17, 2019

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Outstanding Test Series


Having attempted tests from all the main test series, I can vouch that Experts' Global's tests are better than all the other test series combined!

Other test series provide just 2-7 tests, Experts Global's test series provides 15 full length tests.

Next, there are video explanations to all questions- something completely missing in all the other test series.

Scoring is a great representation of one's true GMAT level. My score on the last GMAT Prep was almost similar to the average score I got in the last 3 tests on Experts' Global.

The analytics are really hefty and useful- completely missing in other tests.

Crucial: The questions in Experts Global's mocks have a true feel of GMAT.

Let me share an experience with a non-EG mock- On the free test of another, most reputed, test series, I got 15 quant questions incorrect and still getting a 50- something that will never happen on GMAT or GMATPrep. This is because probably those guys understand how difficult and non-representative of GMAT their quant section is and therefore, they have designed their tests to give a high score despite getting so many questions wrong.

Experts Global seems to have taken care of these nuances in their tests as well as scoring; not only my sectional and total scores in their tests matched with those in GMAT prep, even my number of incorrect attempts did! With such quality and similarity to GMAT, when you complete an Experts Global mock, you get the feeling that you took a genuine, GMAT-like test- which is how a good test series should be!

An outstanding test series. Their first test comes free; please take it and see it yourself.

May 20, 2019

Hello Ankit,

Thanks for your positive feedback.

All the best!

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