November 26, 2020

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Quality ,quantity AND affordability


These tests are not adaptive and it is the best thing about them.You will have to answer 700 level questions just like a test taker who scores a 700+ score on test day.Your weak areas will be displayed on the dashboard as soon as you login.They pay special attention to smaller topics as well such as -subjunctive mood, there are text + video explanations
.Its the only test series with 15 dedicated IR sections.Its a must have for any GMAT aspirant.
Give all 15 tests before your actual test and you WILL have answered easy AND tough questions from nearly every concept.

November 27, 2020

Hi Vibhav,

Thanks for your review, particularly for understanding our rationale behind keeping the test non-adaptive: to help students practice on a difficulty they are likely to see when they score 700+. We have made the "scoring" adaptive rather than the "ordering" adaptive so that a student gets to know one's true level while still practicing on a 700+ level test.

Congrats on your success. Thank you for remembering us :)

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