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760 Q50 V41 claims that these are the hardest quant tests in the market, but I respectfully disagree. Manhattan Mocks have difficult quant portion than these tests.

Pros -
1. Large question pool.

2. Questions relevant to the GMAT - one won't find questions which are not relevant to the GMAT. GMATClub must have given great efforts to sort the questions out, more so for the fact that they have a huge number of difficult quant level questions. Almost every difficult and super difficult level question has a solution that would take 2 or at max 3 minutes. This is important since as a GMAT taker one needs to practice GMAT like content.

3. Of all the mocks I have given, except for the official mocks, gmatclub mocks have the closest user interface to the actual gmatprep and the actual GMAT exam.

Cons -
1. Filled with bugs, pausing the test at times just finishes the test thereby awarding a score of 6.

2. GMATclub moderator team - they would block your account for no reason (I was given kudos inflation as the reason). They won't even reply to your queries. I already had the mocks subscribed through e-gmat verbal online and there was no reason for me to indulge in their so called 'kudos inflation'. Now, this was done 2 weeks before my actual GMAT exam and they could give you unnecessary trouble at any moment.

3. Algorithm - It is far from the GMATPrep and hence actual GMAT. It would randomly award you a Q51 or a Q50 with a large number of incorrect questions I once got a Q51 with 10 incorrect answers. Be aware that it doesn't happen in the actual gmatprep - I had given 7 gmatprep mocks (I gave gmatprep 1 twice) and I analyzed those mocks thoroughly. There is a huge, and when I say huge I really mean huge gap between the algorithms of gmatprep and gmatclub. I got Q49 in EP2-2 with 4 incorrect answers (Q no. 17, 25, 36 and 37 incorrect) and a Q51 on EP1-2 with only 2 incorrect (somewhere around 20 and 35). algorithm would have awarded a Q51 in both the cases.

4. Verbal - Stick to official content for verbal and if you really want extra practice, one's next and final stop should be the content developed by Manhattan. Don't waste your time on verbal questions from any other content provider and this applies to Gmatclub as well. Lines of reasoning on verbal portion, especially CR and RC, from gmatprep and any other provider is quite different. One may use the verbal mocks for essentially working on timing issues. However, one should not fret too much on the incorrect questions, particularly if one involves tuning a strategy or approach, since GMAC doesn't think the way others think. The importance of sticking to official content cannot be overstated.

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