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Hi Gmat club,

I would like to thank every one for providing excellent GMAT quant resource. This resource gave me an immense confidence in me to tackle problems of different type . But during practicing i encountered problems with typos where you people need to correct those problems.. Till now i did not joined any discussion forum as I was little bit busy with my work schedule and I get little time to study . Once I am free after completing full 27 test I will be actively participating in discussion forum.A very special thanks to bunnel for providing Awesome explanation on hard quant . Coming to verbal part, i am disappointed with the questions and explanation provided , I could not able to judge the question level(Hard, Easy)and concept behind them . From my view point , verbal questions need to re-phrase so that subscribers can boost their confidence after taking test .Once again thanks for proving this opportunity of writing review. I Hope my review will make enhancement in improving Quality of the GMAT club questions ...Thanks Every one!!

Thanks & Regard's
T Rakesh

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