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Hi All ,

I would like to tell you that GMAT Club tests for Quant and Verbal are really helpful. There are about 26 Quant and 9 Verbal CAT's which you can easily finish in 60 days. I took the 3 month subscription. These Tests , CAT and quiz cover each topic. They have all the crooked and tricky questions you need to sharpen your mind. Quant has a lot of 700+ questions covering the most trickiest D.D questions you may encounter on Actual GMAT. Verbal is just up to date. Quant is one level up but it prepares you for all kind of situations. There are answers in detail which you can view. You can post your doubts and get replies. There is enhanced reports to help. What else you need to give a finishing touch to your practice. Buy GMAT club Tests and feel confident about GMAT.

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