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The best resource for quants, period.


After using a number of resources for quants preparation I finally mustered courage to start with GMATClub test. I had read in a number of debriefs that these tests are the hardest and since I am from a non-technical background, I was shying away from these tests. But, alas after trying a number of test prep on-demand courses (I have paid accounts in 3), I decided to start off with GMATClub tests. The first test just went over me, I was spending an average 5-8 minutes on every question. In fact, I used to stop the timer to get a hang of the question. But by the time I reached my test 5, I was spending way less time and my score improved. I rate these tests very high not just because my scores improved but because I can really understand the questions now, decipher what each question is asking and feel way more confident with quants than I was before. The questions are very representative of the actual exam. I wish I had found them earlier before wasting my time and money on a number of resources. I suggest taking and retaking these tests to build solid foundation in quants.

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