December 05, 2018

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Recommend Quant CAT Tests to all Testtakers


The popular belief is that the GMATCLUB Tests are the toughest, but does it mean that the toughest tests make the test takers better at the Test taking, does it make the test takers to work harder to improve, does it also mean that the actual test score will improve?. Well i am not an expert but in my opinion the answer to all the questions above is YES!.
GMAT is not only a test of quant and verbal skills but also a test of endurance, logic and analytical mindset and to develop these three skills an applicant must practice harder question in order to maintain a consistent test taking strategy.Working on harder questions than the actual test also helps to develop the sense of Timing, and the sense of strategy required to ace the test and GMATCLUB tests helps to do just that.

I used my Gmatclub points to subscribe for the test for 1 month for about 3 times now and I have seem my quant score to improve to the level where I am confident that quant is no more a stress area for my prep. The tests may present tough questions that sometimes gives a feel as of they are impossible to solve in the given time but such questions make the test taker to practice harder and gives a reason to improve.

I highly recommend the test to all the test takers who are aiming at a high quant score.

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