February 07, 2022

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Close reflections to actual GMAT


I belong to an Engineering background, so I was already thorough with the basics of Quants. My main motive from practising GMAT Club Tests (specifically Quants) was to practice GMAT type questions in a timed manner.

There are almost 30 quant tests available and the quality of questions is amazing. Tests have all varieties of questions to practice for both DS & PS. One can get an accurate picture of one's weaknesses and strengths in particular topics. I relied only on these tests to score a Q50.

The number of Verbal tests is quite less (I think 9 or 10).

In totality, the quality of tests resembles a real GMAT exam and if one has already practised enough, one can rely on these Quant and Verbal scores as a true reflection in real GMAT.

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