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Amazing mentoring!


Through my experience of GMAT preparation as well as admission consulting with Experts’ Global, I would say that Experts’ Global is the best firm for GMAT prep as well as admission consulting. First, their amazing GMAT program got me the 99th percentile (a separate review on that soon) and then the personalized approach through the application process got me the dream ISB admit! Here are the highlights of my association with Experts’ Global for my ISB applications-

Great theme building
The admissions teams at Experts Global are absolute masters at theme building- the story that joins your past, present, and future. First, I was made to fill a detailed questionnaire and then, relevant elements were picked to craft a narrative that brought together the history, the current ambitions, and our long-term goals. In my view, this was their greatest value to my story as such narrative is what takes an application profile from just a collection of information to something that grabs the committee’s attention.

Great training resources
One of the best parts of working with Experts’ Global is that they educate you with rich knowledge. On the day of enrollment, I was given a set of 20-something training videos that really equipped me with the knowledge of the entire application process. In just a few hours of investment in watching those videos, I felt I knew a lot and several months of self-research may not have given me so much knowledge. Similarly, they kept providing me great training resources for every part of the admission process, until the interview prep.

“Mentoring”, rather than “service”, attitude
Their attitude throughout the process was of “mentoring” and not once I felt (not that I wanted to) like a client. The reason I reached out for professional help was that I knew little about the process and hoped to gain from the expertise of a reputed admission consultant. That is exactly what I got as I felt I was learning from the people involved and the process rather than working with a typical, mechanical-sounding consultant.

An extremely organized, efficient, no-nonsense approach
At the core of the quality of Experts’ Global is their really organized process. On the day of enrollment, I was given a planner in which the entire application process was broken into multiple milestones with clear, achievable deadlines. To my credit, I religiously stuck to the milestone and to the firm’s credit, they did so as well. Together, I think we each over-achieved every single milestone and we completed the entire application process comfortably. While there was great amount of interaction and discussions, there were no unnecessary, useless calls (any professionals applying alongside a demanding work schedule will hear me) and the entire process was highly efficient.

A very approachable team
One of the best parts of working with Experts’ Global is that they are extremely approachable. A special note for their emails management- really prompt and organized; kudos! On any complex issue, I would request a call or they would call themselves. It is not any one person at Experts’ Global that works with you, there seems to be a well-knit, well-coordinated team guiding you through the applications.

Experts Global, you are fantastic. Keep up the nice work and help individuals like me! All the very best!

May 20, 2019

Hello Earthandsky17,

Happy to learn that we were able to help you in your pursuit! :-)

Good luck with everything!

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