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March 02 | 2018
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I learned about Admissionado from a friend that used their services last year. Admissionado helped him get admitted at the MIT and he referred to their services as the best cost-value consultants in the market.

I got in touch with Admissionado and they offered me a free consultant call with Marcela, one of their advisors graduated from Harvard. Marcela turned out to be a really nice and helpful consultant. I decided to buy the Junior Deluxe package.

Marcela helped me applying to 4 full time MBAs in top-10 schools... In about 2 months! I'm 32 years old, well above the average; my GMAT was 720 and my GPA 3.3. Marcela's support throughout the process was consistent and helpful; just what I needed given the time constraint. She made me work harder than I had expected, asking the proper questions in order to better develop my essays and my CV. She always kept pushy and committed to the answer time. In the end I managed to build 4 cohesive and competitive applications that made the best out of my traits and experiences. I got called to interview by 2 out of 4 schools and got waitlisted in another one prior to interview. In the end I got admitted in Booth!! I would definitely recommend Marcela as a great advisor.

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