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Math Revolution - A
August 31 | 2018
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Math Revolution is indeed the best course for anyone targeting a Q50/51. I would like to highlight all the positive aspects of the "Math Revolution All-In-One 51 Course".

- In depth explanation of Quant Concepts
- Structured approach of approaching each question type
- Unique approaches available only in Math Revolution
- No Knowledge overburden: precise GMAT specific content
- Plenty of GMAT like questions
- Strong repository of Q50/51 level questions

I would like to highlight two unique approaches available only in Math Revolution - IVY approach for PS, and Variable approach for DS.

IVY Approach: Many of GMAT test takers would agree with me that the main challenge in PS Word problem is translating the problem into an equation. Sometime, we make silly mistakes and when we look in to the solutions, we find that we somehow misunderstood the problem and committed errors while forming the question - IVY approach addresses this aspect so well. Post grasping the IVY approach, test takers can rest assured to form perfect equations, leading to correct solution of PS questions.

Variable Approach: No doubt that the main issue with DS problem is the time few questions take to solve. Post test analysis, we often find that we spent too much time on few DS questions, especially in areas such as Number Property, Algebra, among other. Variable approach perfectly address this issue. Post mastering the Variable approach, test takers can solve DS questions more quickly.

To be honest, I found no disadvantage in the course.

Hence, I would strongly recommend this course to all Quant test takers who are aiming for a high Quant score.

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