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November 06 | 2017
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I worked with SBC and Yvette Romero during my admission process.
First off, the whole admission consulting process is an expensive proposition, but is worth the investment for someone who is not comfortable tackling all the minute details and different essay strategies that go in to each application by themselves. I certainly wasn’t.

Yvette and I hit it off from the very beginning and I was extremely comfortable with her approach to things. She was always very direct with me and never sugar coated anything, especially when giving me feedback about my essays. She was available to chat and re-strategize whenever necessary, which put me at ease.
My whole admissions process was also particularly stressful, because I was put on the waitlist and had to be very calculated about each correspondence with the admissions committee. Yvette really helped me with this and luckily it was all turned out well in the end and I got in.

If you are considering hiring SBC for your admission cycle, definitely ask for Yvette, especially because you want someone who isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear during this process. She tore apart many of my essay and resume drafts with no remorse and gave me very pertinent feedback on what needed to be done. She had good insight on the schools, and the way they each function, which helped me tailor my essays accordingly. She was also very informed about career approach and industry trends, which I found very useful as well.

All in all, they aren’t miracle workers. Luck still has to be on your side to get into any of the most competitive programs, but they certainly improve your chances of getting in and make you more comfortable with the entire process.

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