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April 07 | 2018
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Hiring Yvette and Stacy Blackman Consulting was one of the best decisions I made during my MBA application process. With Yvette and team's help, I was fortunate enough to be admitted to all three programs where I applied (HBS, Wharton, and Sloan).

I started "interviewing" different consulting firms and reaching out to friends for their recommendations. I was by FAR most impressed by the Stacy Blackman team. From my first call with Sarah, I knew that they were experts in the process and had the resources and experience to advise me well. They introduced me to two different consultants (matched based off the schools I was interested in and my career path); However, after talking to Yvette, I knew she was who I wanted to work with as my primary consultant.

Yvette and I started working together right after July 4th and began talking regularly to get my applications pulled together for round 1. Yvette played the role of therapist, editor, and strategist, helping me synthesize my experiences into tightly written / direct narratives. She also helped me completely rework my resume to fit the MBA application.

Applying to business school can be stressful, but I felt so lucky to have Yvette and team to turn to. At one point, when I felt we hit a roadblock on one of my essays, Yvette wisely looped in another consultant (Andy) who was able to serve as an unbiased set of eyes and provide additional valuable feedback. The Flight Test with a former admissions officer at one of my target schools, helped me feel confident about the package of materials that I put together.

When it came time for interviews, Yvette stepped up once again. We prepped together and even did a fully in-character mock interview. This certainly helped craft the "sound bites" for my interviews and gave me a lot of confidence.

The business school application process is a TON of work, but having an admissions consultant can help keep you on track and provide expert advice from their experience. I viewed hiring an admissions consultant as an investment and I feel like I got an amazing return --- I will be heading to HBS in the fall!

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