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SBC is truly amazing! Christina is a fantastic MBA consultant who truly cares about the success of her clients. With Christina’s professional advice and dedication, I received an offer from Wharton, CBS with a full tuition scholarship, Yale SOM with $100K scholarship, and Kellogg’s MMM program with $40K scholarship.

Christina not only guided me with creating an application strategy and timeline, but also helped provide me with useful tips for each school that I applied to. She is very direct and will tell you her honest, professional opinion about your application package. This was a common characteristic within the SBC team which I noticed and greatly appreciated. For example, when speaking with some other consulting agencies, they were very general and told me that my application looked good and that they could definitely help me make it even stronger. On the other hand, the SBC team was very honest and told me that while my application had potential to be very strong, at the time it lacked focus and some parts were confusing. This was very helpful for me to understand the weak parts of my application and how to improve them. Christina was also great with pushing me to stay on my timeline track!

In summary, I decided to choose SBC for 2 main reasons : 1) I appreciated the constructive criticism and detailed feedback and 2) Sarah on the SBC team matched me to Christina who I had a chance to speak with before working together, and we connected very well and had some similar interests as well.

SBC also has many helpful tips with the application and interview process. For example, SBC helps run a “flight test” where a former AdCom officer can review and provide feedback on a final application after you have worked with your consultant on it. Furthermore, the team-based mock interview simulation was very helpful and gave me a good idea of what to expect during Wharton’s interview. SBC has lots of admissions officer intel in-house, which is very resourceful!

Ultimately, it was really a pleasure working with Christina. I highly recommend her as a MBA consultant. She is very motivated and never gives up on her client. I still remember her working with me on a tight timeline and emailing me at 5am in the morning to answer my questions. Even after receiving acceptance notifications from the school, she will call me to congratulate me and help answer additional questions!

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