February 02 | 2019
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SBC proved helpful in increasing my odds of acceptance to my desired business schools. I highly recommend a consultant for interested applicants.
My SBC consultant was particularly adept at:
-"AdComming" my resume by suggesting clear, jargon-free language that highlighted my desired capabilities
-Brainstorming my essay topic
-Offering guidance on the purpose of the MBA and why it adds value
-Providing honest feedback on all parts of my application, which enhanced not only the application itself but also my personal self-awareness (an even more valuable outcome)

My consultant was in a different time zone, which slightly detracted from the potential value of the relationship; however, he remained willing to talk and work at any / all times that I asked. His insights were intelligent and action-oriented, keeping me on track and stress-free throughout the process.

Getting a SBC consultant does not guarantee admission, but you are putting yourself at a disadvantage if you forego them entirely, and you can do far worse than choosing SBC.

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