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Christina is the best!


After having calls with most of the major consulting firms, I decided to work with Christina from SBC. Most of the other consultants I had met always told me how I was going to get into every top school right from the beginning without having an understanding of my profile. Christina was the only one to immediately point out specific key strengths as well as potential weaknesses and ideas to address them, as well as being realistic about my opportunities. This was exactly what I was looking for.
Working with Christina proved to be a pleasure from the start. Two words that come to mind when thinking about her are ORGANIZATION and DETAILS. Her approach is very structured, comprehensive and well thought-out, and her ability to focus on even the smallest details, strong points, and potential flaws is overwhelming (in a good way of course!). If there is ANY possibility any part of your application might have a positive or negative effect on your assessment she WILL find it, point it out and work with you to highlight or address it. Relentlessly.
On top of this, Christina has an especial ability to retain every single piece of information you provide and bring it up and find ways to use it (even after a very long time). She really tries to get to know you as best as possible and might even bring up a story or a small detail you told her months ago and hadn´t even thought of yourself to help you prove an important point in your essays or interviews! She really takes your application more seriously than you do...
Her understanding of all schools is mind-blowing (although she went to HBS I honestly think she has attended every MBA program), and she will use this knowledge to point out those parts of you that best fit each school and will explain how and why they are a good fit, providing really valuable advice. This is very helpful to understand what schools you should target too.
Personally (having even met her in person) she is an extremely nice and respectful person, and everything about her is completely genuine. She really cares for you and will do everything she can to maximize your opportunities. If you want to truly give your MBA applications your best shot, she is the only option!
I got accepted into my top 2 schools: HBS and Wharton/Lauder. I cannot recommend her services enough, I would give her 6 out of 5 stars!

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