July 29, 2020

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Admitted into Wharton EMBA


I started off the search for an executive MBA program knowing little about the process. During the search, I was overwhelmed, intimidated and confused when I looked at various school rankings and admission process. This is what prompted me to explore various executive MBA admission-consulting firms. I spoke with consultant from a few reputable companies but SBC’s approach, quality stood apart from the others. Particularly, Bill's reviews on various MBA websites motivated me to go for a complimentary profile assessment with him.

Right from the get go, Bill was very candid and friendly in his approach—a combination that I think is rare in most consultants. He patiently listened to my background and immediately pointed out areas of strengths and weaknesses. He was genuinely interested in my success and made a cogent argument on long-term value of an executive MBA. In fact, Bill was the one who suggested an hourly package rather than a comprehensive package based on my profile. I signed up for hourly consultation with Bill to help me with school shortlisting, essays, and interview preparation.

I had many questions about shortlisting schools. Bill was very patient, thorough and knowledgeable about the executive MBA admissions process for Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, MIT and several other top business schools. His advice helped me eliminate a ton of hours of research and zero in on a few schools. He also pointed out schools I should focus on and the ones that may not be a good fit. This helped me strategically invest time in schools where I had the best admission chances.

Throughout the 12+ months of our interaction, Bill was a pillar of support for my application process. Perseverance and motivation are two key ingredients needed to put up a strong application for a top business school. Bill's methodical approach, no-nonsense feedback and gentle nudges (☺) were really helpful in making sure I stay focused on my goal. As Bill and I spent several hours (and emails :)) strategizing on my story, all parts of my application logically flowed from the unified strategy. My essays, recommendation letters and interviews had a common theme and complimented each other. As a result, I felt very comfortable during the interview process and was optimistic about my chances. I was elated to hear about my admit into Wharton and profusely thanked Bill soon after.

When you are evaluating executive MBA consultants, choose someone who can be honest about your candidature and can specifically tell you what s/he can do to help enhance your profile (and what aspects cannot be mitigated). This will level set your expectations and help you get into the best business school that fits your profile. Overall, I am so glad that I chose to work with Bill and SBC. Their professionalism, thoroughness and customer focus are top notch. Thank you Bill!

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