May 31, 2018

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The first interview call I received was from Tepper, my dream school. Therefore, I needed to ensure that I do well at the very first MBA interview of my career. Fortunately, I had three weeks to prepare and Experts Global played a great role in helping me.

I was made to fill a questionnaire with my likely responses for a large set of frequently asked questions. I was also given a set of videos for developing and approach for the MBA interview preparation.

Next, I had a series of mock interviews. The style and the set of questions were different every time, followed by detailed feedback. The practice really helped me improve as I gained confidence.

Eventually, I secured worthy admits and I am joining Tepper in the coming fall with $40,000 scholarship.

This was a rich, successful association. Strongly recommended.

April 26, 2019

Hello Sonika,

Our association with you is one that we will cherish for many many years to come! :)

It is so good to know that we were able to help you take a step closer to making it to your dream school.

Hope to remain in touch :)

Good luck!

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