January 24, 2019

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Interview Prep


One of the best experiences while working with EG is the interview prep process. They share a comprehensive set of videos about the questions generally asked and how one should approach it. The Dos and Donts etc were really very helpful to me to formulate my answers in the best possible way.
It helped me cut short a lot of time to research what exactly to answer when the questions like Why MBA, why now etc come up in almost every interview.
They helped me polish my storytelling skills so that I look confident and present my answers in the best possible way.
I had quite a few mock interviews with them and they turned out to be very useful to practice looking into the camera and answering.
Overall, I had a great experience working with their team.

April 26, 2019

Hello Parth,

Great to see that our interview mentoring proved to be so helpful in your pursuit. Kudos to you for your sincerity, as well! It was a pleasure mentoring you.

All the best! :)

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