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Admitted to HBS, Kellogg, Sloan, and Haas!


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant David White

The journey to get admitted to top MBA programs, some including scholarship, is an arduous marathon and I couldn’t have asked for better support than David. I am admitted to HBS, Kellogg, Sloan, and Haas, including a full scholarship at one of the schools, making me humbled and elated!

Menlo Coaching’s structured approach to the admission process ensures that you submit the best possible version of your candidacy to the schools because you spent time understanding what schools are looking for and more importantly your own personal story.

Before I approached David, I already had a good GMAT score (750) and knew that I only wanted to apply to a few top 10 programs.

I appreciated that David’s involvement emphasized networking with schools heavily including campus visits and alumni chats and these upfront investments paid off in unexpected ways throughout the process in essays and in interviews, not to mention that they were also instrumental in school selection.

Then, over the course of 6 months, we covered my personal story, career goals, recommender preparation, and writing and speaking styles before we even started looking at the essays. My personal favorites were his work with recommenders and his original ‘training’ on communication.

- I really liked that my recommenders could work with David, if they chose to, to get a second opinion on content/writing style because both my recommenders were new to the process. It is easier for a trusted third-person to discuss praise/critique about me rather than having to do it myself. I was feeling pretty vain writing and talking about myself and I couldn’t have comfortably asked my recommenders to do so in addition.

- Regarding communication, I enjoyed an hour with a public speaking coach who was also an actor. Having a toolkit to loosen up, breathe, and get in the right mindset before the big interviews was priceless

I requested free consultations with numerous consultants and I clicked best with David. The rapport was also extremely important because of the deep personal reflections that are required from this process.

I whole-heartedly recommend Menlo Coaching to anyone who wants to seriously pursue an MBA at a top program. Thank you!

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