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Overcame Employment History Obstacles


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant David White

After graduating from college I had always had plans of attending a top business program. I decided to reach out early in my career to seek advice, so set up a few initial phone calls with admissions consultants. Although I wasn’t looking to sign up for any formal programs, I was so impressed with Alice and David during my initial phone call that I decided to hire them 3 years ahead of applying. Their initial thoughts about my background, story, and goals were extremely helpful and I was excited about working through their comments the next few years.
However, something unexpected happened soon after. I was fired from the company I was working at. It was a stressful experience, and I knew this would leave a blemish on my employment history that could potentially sink my MBA dreams. I felt comfortable opening up to David about this new development, and he jumped in to help me land on my feet in a new industry that I was very passionate about and that he had experience in. In addition to helping me fix my resume to highlight the transferable qualities and skills that would be attractive to my new employers, he also shared his perspective about the industry and where I should focus my efforts to achieve my long-term goals. David did not mince words, and was very honest and objective with his feedback. But I could tell he always had my long-term interest in mind and so I paid special attention to all his suggestions. After a few twists and turns I managed to secure my dream job, and finally felt like my career was back on track. This would not have been possible without David’s mentorship.
When I began applying to business school, you can guess who I turned to. However I knew it was a long shot. An admissions officer looking at my resume would wince at my incongruent path when compared against candidates with more pristine and understandable career progression. There was less associated risk. David helped me use the personal essay to explain who I was, the events that led up to the firing, and the subsequent decisions and actions that led me to where I am today. It was delicately done, something I am confident I would have botched on my own. But because David had taken the time to get to know me over the years, he was able to give me the important feedback I needed to write my story. He was very professional and instrumental throughout the process, responding back within the same day. By the end, and after back and forth revisions with David, I came away with a story I felt was uniquely my own and that I was proud of. Working with David gave me peace of mind that I put everything on the table. I applied to the top 5 schools, and received interview invites from two of them. When the dust settled, Booth gave me a call congratulating me on my acceptance and thanking me for my honesty in my application. All things considered, I was a risk and they took a chance on me. I could not have been more grateful and I know I would not have the chance to write this had it not been for David’s guidance, encouragement, and diligence through this long journey. He is a great person who will always have my thanks. Anyone looking to overcome obstacles in the admissions process would be extremely lucky to have him on their side.

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