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Best of the best! Admitted to Wharton with low test scores


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant David White

I highly recommend everyone to consider a consultant especially if you are applying internationally (like I did). There are SO many ill-informed "facts" out there and what you should/should not do. Firstly, I just could NOT get anywhere near my target GMAT/GRE scores and ran out of time to even consider it further (do not recommend!). I was well aware that this was a huge risk submitting with a low 600 score, gave up hope many times, BUT throughout the whole process, David went above and beyond to ensure I was equipped to do my best in other parts of the application. With a low test score, it meant truly bringing out the best parts of my story in my essays and smashing those interviews (David does mock TBDs with real humans, other clients, and it was amazing). Everyone has a unique story (even when I did not think so and I bet you do too!) and David will help you bring this out. There are SO many more reasons I can write to recommend David further but I truly would not have been admitted into Wharton with a low 600 score if I did it alone and I would be very happy to use David/Menlo again but thankfully I don't need to!

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