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100% Recommend to Anyone Thinking of Applying to Business Schools


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant David White

I reached out to David and his team as I was preparing for my business school interviews. Given that I was a deferred / "2+2" applicant, I was pretty unsure of what adcoms would be looking for. I had 5 interviews total. Though I had a below average GPA, was an ORM, and came from an over represented professional background (banking), I was ultimately accepted to Wharton, Sloan, Booth, and CBS. I am waiting to hear back from Kellogg.

David and Obinna were integral in helping me ace my interviews. I had 3 interviews one consecutive days, and after having what I thought was a terrible Wharton interview (which was also my top choice school), I was incredibly discouraged. However, David and Obinna's support after I debrief them on the interview allowed me to focus and ace my following 2 interviews that week.

The Menlo team took an extremely meticulous and personalized approach, and they went as far as hiring a speech/acting coach to help me be 1000% ready for my interviews, both in content and presentation. Sloan asked for an additional essay after I was invited for an interview, and though I did not purchase essay editing services, David offered to go over/edit my essay for me. His willingness to help and extremely fast responses (he usually got back to me within 12 hours, and always within 24 hours) are testaments to the investment and care that he puts into each of his clients.

I plan on reapplying in 4 years to HBS and GSB, and I will certainly be purchasing the comprehensive package (early birds package). David and I also reviewed my applications post acceptance decisions to identify strengths and weakness so that I'll be most prepared for future applications, and the advice he gave me was extremely pointed and thoughtful.

I have no doubt that the Menlo team was integral in helping me gain acceptance to 4 of the M7 schools!!!!!

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