October 07, 2015

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I was looking for a personalized (1-1) essay review help. While doing my research, I talked to a few other big brand Essay editing companies, but realized that their process is too mechanical rather than personal. Next, I came across some great reviews about Poonam’s essay services on GMAT Club and few other online forums and talked to her previous clients. I also found the pricing of myessayreview to be reasonable. The one hour session we had was very useful. We formulated the strategy on how to proceed with the applications, talked about which schools to apply and how the essay review process will work.

While writing an essay, I got so engrossed in making the essay impactful that sometimes I forgot what the question is actually asking and what the admission committee is looking for. This is when Poonam’s comments / edits on the essay start making sense as she steered me in the right direction. It’s also nice to have someone read your stories in an unbiased way ( the way admissions committee will probably review it)

The basic framework of an essay / letter is very critical because it makes sure that you cover all the aspects of the question. Poonam helped me define this structure for each question, and this helped me in making my story more impactful and complete. After getting all the essential components of the story, she helped me trim my essays to the allowed word limit. Her edits were just perfect in all areas sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and grammar. The turnarounds were exactly time as stated on the website (24-48 hours). She was always there to address all my concerns and queries.

I had a great experience working with Poonam. It would have been very difficult to complete those effectively essays on time without her help. Her guidance on my application ( essays, résumé, LOR’s) got me an admit offer from Duke + Scholarship with a below 650 GMAT score. I couldn’t have asked for more.

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