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Accepted into Stanford GSB

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When I first began applying to business schools, I did so with little guidance and was rejected without interview the first time round. After much deliberating and consideration, I decided to enlist the support of Dr Shel from MBA Admit, and we started by piecing together where I might have gone wrong in my initial attempt.

Some of the greatest value that Dr Shel provided straight up, was an honest assessment of my candidacy, especially in direct comparison to other candidates in the past who had been successful. This provided much needed context for me, and gave me concrete examples and evidence on what it was I needed to work on, and what my strengths were. This allowed me to better focus my time and energy the following year, and to really work on the aspects of the application that would truly make a difference.

Dr Shel was extremely helpful in the essay & resume refining process - She was able to help me to clarify my goals/themes, and was also instrumental in helping me to better express my thoughts, background and experiences on paper. By really taking the time to understand my background over a number of discussions, she was able to help direct me down the right path and helped to identify some of the key aspects of my profile that would be powerful to highlight in my essays.

Throughout the entire process, Dr Shel was kind, understanding, but also completely honest, and was never afraid to let me know when an idea/concept I was considering exploring in my application was just a bad idea. To have that kind of guidance made a night & day difference to the final quality of my application, and really allowed me to put my best foot forward for my applications in the subsequent year, in which I was accepted into Stanford GSB.

In summary, the greatest benefits that Dr Shel brought to the table were her experiences and perspectives on how to craft an application that truly brings out the best and most unique things about you. For most of us, we are either doing this for the first time, or are still scratching our heads wondering where we went wrong. Having someone in my corner who truly did understand the process allowed me to avoid making so many of the common mistakes that candidates make, and to rest assured that regardless of the outcome, that I had put the best of myself forward. Would absolutely recommend working with Dr Shel!!

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