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Part Time MBA Review
January 10 | 2017
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This review is for: Stern

Part Time MBA (Spring)

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Experience during the program

Finance professors are very strong. I know many people who have come in to change their lives and have done so.

I would encourage incoming students to begin researching professors and their career paths.

As a Stern MBA you can take classes in other premier schools such as Courant.

I am emphasizing math/finance due to my background and goals.

Almost all professors will take meetings regarding entrepreneurial ideas, and will offer valuable input.

Generally speaking NYU Stern part time is a very strong program. Standards are held high, work load is demanding, but is overall a very rewarding program to be part of.

Overall BSchool experience
Schools contribution
Classmates rating

Strengths of the program:

Student body, diversity

Career opportunities provided by school


Best fit at this program:


Investment Banking


Can be improved:


Culture & Student Support


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