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e-GMAT verbal scholaranium
August 05 | 2018
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I will highly recommend e-GMAT verbal course to every GMAT applicant. The course is designed in such way that you gain enough confidence to answer questions by learning the approach provided in the concept files. The concept files are explained in such a ways that basic to advanced concepts are very easy to grasp. The e-GMAT verbal scholaranium is the best test-taking platform to understand the level of concept clarity one has for GMAT verbal. The key features of the e-GMAT verbal scholaranium are:
• Dashboard – It helps you understand the exact concepts in which you need to improve upon
• Bookmark questions- It helps you revisit questions for revision
• The tests are no short of the actual GMAT experience
• The tests can be customized according to the need of the user
Overall, I highly recommend this course. The course will ensure score improvement for all the non-native speakers.

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