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  • A flexible quizzing platform with 750+ questions all designed by the top rated experts on GMAT Club. (enough for 10 Verbal mocks)
  • Comprehensive solutions + Experts Support + Bookmarking and replay abilities.
  • Ability quizzes that predict your SC, CR, and RC percentiles.
  • Ability to point-out and analyze your weak areas
  • Track your improvement in real-time with Advanced analytics capabilities.
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     By akashsriv1993 20 1

I recently gave my GMAT and scored a decent 740 ( Q50, V39, IR: 6, AWA: 6). Although, I could have done better but I must say that this score wouldn't have been possible without e-gmat great verbal sessions.

I started my preparation back in October 2015 in a similar manner as any GMAT aspirant would. I took up the Manhattan guides for the Verbal section and went through each of them properly. Following this, I gave my 1st GMAT Prep exam and scored a 740. I was happy and thought I was ready to take the exam. I had bought a KAPLAN guide for practice and their tests. I decided to give a few before making an appointment for GMAT. I scored a dismal 670 in my first test and after analysis of the same, I realised that I had got only superficial knowledge in Verbal section. I went online to review a full courses and ended up taking e-gmat Verbal online. Believe me, but that was one of the best decisions that I made in my GMAT journey. Their courses are very thorough and the supplementing articles are very informative. Their approach to understand the meaning first of any stem was essential and it proved very useful.
Their approach towards SC and CR was really very useful and although I think I could have scored much better, this score wouldn't have been possible without the kind of resources that e-gmat provided.

NOTE : Scholaranium is a very helpful tool to identify your weak areas and then target them.It is a very good tool for practice and improvement and it did help me a lot in some type of CR questions.

Kudos to you guys!

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1 Commented by yt770 on March 31, 2016
congrats on the great score! How often did you give GMAT Prep and other Mocks?
2 Commented by amithhem4u on July 19, 2016
How you prepared for verbal?? I am quite comfortable with quant section but verbal part is bothering me. Your advice on verbal would be a great help for me.
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     By maddysingh 1 0

Verbal e-Gmat Scholaranium is awesome course to prepare with confidence and key to score high in the GMAT.
The key features of the course are:
i)There is segmentation in the sections-RC/SC/CR
ii) Each section has Qs divided into diffculty levels-Easy/Medium/Hard
iii) The Qs pool is holistic covering all topics & concept
iv)One can take full length tests or customize the test according to the needs in the dashboard.
v) The Quizzes are saved and one can refer upon requirement in Attempts.
vi) There is Q&A platform with each Q to resolve the doubts.
vii) One can also put notes with each Q & can track upon need
viii)Also one can bookmark the Qs for revision
viii) The most important feature is one can track the progress and can look in which are is strong and which requires more focus in skill data.

Thus very fruitful course & kudos & thumps up to e-GMAT team for developing such a course.

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     By arpsin 0 0

e-GMAT Scholaranium offers a very comprehensive question bank for one to practise and test their abilities across SC, CR and RC. There is a healthy mix of Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty level GMAT like questions to practise from and detailed analytics are provided at the end of each session. One should make use of this to analyze his/her weak areas and then focus on improving that area. Scholaranium gives a very accurate picture of one's ability levels and one should definitly use this as a postive to improve further.
I am presently using scholaranium to practice for my upcoming GMAT exam and I already feel more confident about doing well in it compared to how I was feeling before my previous GMAT attempt. I strongly recommend the e-GMAT Verbal Online and Schloalanium to anyone who is serious about GMAT.

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E-gmat schloranium
June 17 | 2017
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     By ravi2107 8 0

I had given my GMAT 2 years ago (610- V28, Q47) and my critical reasoning was disastrous. i was jus giving a fluke in SC and i used to get some right and some math was not that good , but always knew that i could pick up math in the last minute. i was from engineering background and was good at the basics in math. i was doing good at mocks, especially math section.

Then, i happened to read about e-gmat in gmatclub. Tried enquiring about the course through my friends and everybody had a good feedback.i did not want to go by the herd. decided to take a demo session by e-gmat. i fell for it in the first session itself.the session was about sentence correction and the way you approach in e-gmat is different. The way a question is broke up into clauses and then analysed. the way primary empahsis is given on the meaning etc.. i decided to go for it.

The CR videos were really helpful. the concept of pre-thinking made things easier for me. the strategy to attack each and every type of CR questions are clearly explained in the e-gmat course. the videos are desinged in such a way that i never felt as though i was preparing for gmat.watching the videos were fun and the learning used to happen simultaneously. short excercise after each topic also helped a lot in recollecting.

The strategies for RC were just the best in e-gmat. it helped me in boosting my confidence.the strategies seem time consuming in the beginning but eventually i picked up and mastered RC.

The best thing about e-gmat is the SC. the way each sentence is split into clauses and understandig the meaning of the given sentence is the just outstanding.
When I submitted the test, I saw my score report in which I had just one (Hard) question wrong out of a total of 4 RC passages. This was my biggest confidence booster and I was sure that my GMAT would go well this time, which it did!

I finished by Quant section 10 minutes in advance and my Verbal section 15 minutes in advance and landed up with a V39, Q48 and a total of 710. so i have my target score and nothing more to think about.

Thank you e-GMAT and hope this serves as motivation to everyone.

All the best to you all !!

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Gamut of everything
May 26 | 2017
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     By anuj10030 2 0

SC - Video lectures covered even the most minute concepts in detail, maintaining the interest at the same time.

CR & RC - Video lectures might tend to be boring because of too much emphasis on theory part.

Other plus points:

- Practice exercise after each and every concept is taught.
- Detailed answer analysis of each practice question.
- Difficulty level of questions is explicitly stated, so you can choose between 500, 600 and 700 level questions.
- Topic wise segregated questions from OG are also available.

With eGMAT course, you would never feel shortage of questions. The scholaranium section has about 30-40 questions from each concept.

The verbal package also comes with limited edition of Quant Scholaranium, having about 150 questions.

Other add ons :

- 5 full length tests from - Not very helpful
- Complete package of, comprising of 30 Quant & 8 Verbal sectional tests. - They are good.

In all eGMAT package is the most comprehensive package for GMAT preparation.

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Best tool for practice
April 21 | 2017
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     By gshashank18 1 5

I have taken my GMAT recently and Scored 710 (Q50, V36, IR8). Much of its credit goes to e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium. I improved my verbal score from V26 to V36.
I attempted GMAT last year in January after taking coaching of almost 2 months and scored 600 & was disappointed to see such a score. Quant was my strong area and I knew that I can do better on verbal but I was not able to improve my verbal score. I decided to take the subscription of e-GMAT in July after going through the reviews of e-GMAT and completed all the files by Feb 2017. After completing the course, I started practicing with verbal scholaranium and trust me it is one of the best tools in the market for GMAT questions practice. It gives you the flexibility to choose the type of questions you want to practice. After every quiz, you can check how you fared on the quiz and what are your weak areas. On the dashboard, you can see how have you performed on various areas of the verbal section such as parallelism in SC, Strengthen in CR etc. I improved both my accuracy and timing because of this tool. I would recommend this tool to anyone who is looking to improve his/her verbal score.

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verbal review
April 17 | 2017
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     By yashbabu 38 6

my friend introduced me to e-GMAT and I cannot thank him enough for having done that. After a year long break, I felt the need to go over SC and CR concepts as well and the videos provided by e-GMAT made them a whole lot of fun. I would stay up till late night, watching the videos, almost like I'd be watching a sitcom. They were light and helped me brush up my concepts very well. I had read someone's review about making handwritten notes while watching videos and then transferring those onto Evernote at the end of each day as that would not only help you revise, but also create a handy notebook for you to skim through while you're on the move. This tip helped me a lot and I would really recommend it to you all as well. I made my notes nice and colourful and added screenshots and links to them. Going over them later seemed fun because of all the colur I had added. (let me know if you want me to share them with you!)
What really made a difference to me was, however, the Master Comprehension. It really helped me nail the problem. My comprehension of a question was totally dependent on my mood. Master Comprehension really helped me with the right way of comprehending sentences and pausing at the right places, thereby improving my overall comprehension substantially.

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     By zmi5003 0 0

I realized I need to do some real work on Verbal as I merely scored V29 on my gmat prep. The problem was that, there are many gmat products out there and I was overwhelmed with choices - naturally I wanted to have the one which would give me maximum impact. Upon reading a lot of reviews online, I decided to give e-GMAT a go.

What I particularly like about e-GMAT Scholarium was that it provided me the tool to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. Once these had been identified, I zoomed in and focused on my key weaknesses. e-GMAT Scholarium provided key statistics of my score on every Verbal areas/topics, as well as breakdown of timing and difficulty level. This surgical approach was what helped me to narrow down my focus area.

This structured approach was what helped me to improve my Verbal from V29 in gmat prep to V34 in actual GMAT

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     By stan3544 23 0

I have always considered myself more of a verbal wizz, rather than quant, simply because i can speak 3 languages in a fluent manner. I know that i have grammar problems here and there, but i thought it was nothing serious...until i started my GMAT preparation and got to the verbal section. You all know the specifics of SC, CR and RC so i won't dive into that, but boy was i surprised when i got v28 after my first attempt at GMAT. I was upset, but i knew my mistakes. I had some prior knowledge that helped me get to that score, but that was about it. I had no specific approach, didn't know what should i pay attention to when answering CR questions, or a logic behind SC, and the texts in RC seemed way out of my league. But that all changed when i discovered e-GMAT's course and their method of approaching verbal questions.
Once you complete their course and build up the base of the knowledge required, you jump into Scholaranium, a place where you polish and strengthen all that you learnt.

Scholaranium offers you this awesome way of targeting your weak areas and improving them. Scholaranium ability quizzes don't just show your accuracy, but also pinpoint where you need to focus. Once you go through ability quiz, you can make your own custom quiz, in which you can answer questions one by one, reading detailed explanations and paying attention to a time it took you to answer that question. I really liked the explanations and structural approach, they help you better visualize what is going on in the argument or a sentence. And a very important thing about Scholaranium is that it teaches you to pay attention to details and logic used in arguments and sentences. There are more than enough questions in its bank to help you understand verbal section specifics and how to approach them. As for the difficulty, all the sections are almost identical to GMAC style, some might seem a bit harder, but they surely test how good you are at spotting various concepts being tested. The interface is also very comfortable to work with.

All in all Scholaranium is a great tool that helps you improve. But remember, that it is best used when you have solid base in concepts that e-GMAT teaches you, without the base one cannot build a house.

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Verbal Scholarnium
March 26 | 2017
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     By aman.tomar 3 0

I started my preparation for GMAT in the month of December'16. By the end of December, I had completed most of the verbal study material and had built my concepts in SC, CR and RC. I was doing quite well at SC as it is based on clarity of certain rules, meaning and grammar and finally, their repeated application to different questions. I was also doing a decent job at RC by scoring somewhere around 80% of the questions correctly. The only area that pained me the most was CR. After a certain point, I had given up and was not able to understand how to improve on this particular section. Also, a challenge that GMAT throws at students is that there is a limited set of official questions available and once those questions are exhausted, you remember the logics behind most of them. My confidence was getting even lower because I had not started timing my practice sessions since I wanted to reach a minimum accuracy level in all the three sections before putting my skills to test while sitting on a time bomb.

That's when I felt the need to buy a good practice source for more such quality CR questions(and by quality I mean as close to official questions as possible). I read e-gmat Scholarnium's reviews on the GMAT club forum, Quora and certain other forums and also attended a webinar around the same. I felt the product to be fairly helpful to most of its buyers. And I couldn't thank those people more as I found the whole experience to be extremely relevant and conducive to improve my critical reasoning skills. I started with the lecture videos and practiced the quiz questions that followed after the lessons. Those 5-10 questions based on specific types will help you categorize the question type and start thinking on the lines of that specific question.

More than the concepts, the 200 problems with different difficulty levels definitely help you define a certain level of accuracy for the CR section when the questions are of all the difficulty levels(as asked during the actual test). I did create some custom quizzes towards the end of the preparation and reviewed all the questions properly. An advice to all the GMAT aspirants would be to put enormous time on building concepts and skills rather than rushing for the timed practice/mock tests. 10 mock tests(40 hours) won't help you gain as much as 40 hours of practice and reviews. Scholarnium is a brilliant tool to understand concepts and improve their application to problems. I can surely recommend this product to anyone who wants to practice more and improve at verbal.

I scored a 730 on the actual test
Breakup; V39 and Q50

All the best to all the GMAT aspirants. Please reach out in case of any specific questions.

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