Verbal Scholaranium Reviews

  • A flexible quizzing platform with 750+ questions all designed by the top rated experts on GMAT Club. (enough for 10 Verbal mocks)
  • Comprehensive solutions + Experts Support + Bookmarking and replay abilities.
  • Ability quizzes that predict your SC, CR, and RC percentiles.
  • Ability to point-out and analyze your weak areas
  • Track your improvement in real-time with Advanced analytics capabilities.
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December 07, 2018

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Sureshot way to hone your GMAT verbal skills!


Verbal scholaranium is a great testing tool that has given me the confidence to improve my verbal reasoning performance on GMAT. The questions are top quality and the explanations cover the concepts very well in great detail. The dashboard provides a fantastic way to keep track of performance and quickly identify areas of improvement. If you've solved OG and Scholarnaium questions, that's more than enough to ace GMAT verbal be it sub 600 questions or over 700 questions. All sub-sections of Verbal have good questions for practice. The platform allows you to review and analyze performance in depth. I have tried many other tests but e-GMAT's is def the best

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August 31, 2018

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Verbal Scholarium Review


Hi All,
So I am not a person who gives a review for any product whatsoever,but in this case I would like to provide an honest ad glowing review.

Verbal Scholarium of e-gmat has really helped me in the past when I scored 720,and now when I am preparing myself to try and hit the 750 mark,it is proividing me with confidence of doing.Talking about the the quality of scholarium question,I have nothing but good things to say about it.Having given GMAT once,I can vouch for the quality of questions here .They are of the same nature as one would see in Real GMAT Exam.My one suggestion to effectively use this tool is always solve questions in a time based format,which will kind of get you in the groove for the real thing.So the phrase that is really famous ,I will quote it again here, ''keep Calm and Trust e-gmat " .Thank you e-gmat for creating such a wonderful tool. :)

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July 15, 2019

Hey ! Can you tell me what were scoring on egmat scholarnium in SC / CR individually. I have heard mixed reviews. Some say if you score around 50-60 percent ability on the scholoranium it's considered 90 percentile

August 05, 2018

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e-GMAT verbal scholaranium


I will highly recommend e-GMAT verbal course to every GMAT applicant. The course is designed in such way that you gain enough confidence to answer questions by learning the approach provided in the concept files. The concept files are explained in such a ways that basic to advanced concepts are very easy to grasp. The e-GMAT verbal scholaranium is the best test-taking platform to understand the level of concept clarity one has for GMAT verbal. The key features of the e-GMAT verbal scholaranium are:
• Dashboard – It helps you understand the exact concepts in which you need to improve upon
• Bookmark questions- It helps you revisit questions for revision
• The tests are no short of the actual GMAT experience
• The tests can be customized according to the need of the user
Overall, I highly recommend this course. The course will ensure score improvement for all the non-native speakers.

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July 29, 2018

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760 Q50 V44

Excellent Course


Being a non native verbal has been my biggest issue since the day I have started preparing for the GMAT. I started my prep for GMAT in 2015 and since then have given the test three time and scored 520,590 and 530 respectively. After the last exam I was exhausted and frustrated wondering what should I do now when all the material OG2017,Aristotle and Manhattan guides have not been enough.

After some thought and job changing in September 2017. I wanted to start again afresh for the GMAT so I started searching online for courses for non native. Finally my search ended when I went through a webinar of critical reasoning by E-Gmat. Just after that I again solved some question on that very day of critical reasoning and I was surprised with myself. The question understanding and pre-thinking came naturally. Even though the question if marked incorrectly I was clear of argument and could eliminate some question not on guesswork but understanding.

I thought to myself that if 1 hour of webinar could have such impact what wonder I could do if the attended the full course.

As a result after 3-4 month the verbal Scholaranium which has a good mix of section wise question my accuracy improved from 20% to 85% in CR. The E-gmat SC process is such that even the toughest question can be broken down easily and given the spread of question in SC Scholaranium we can asses our strength and weakness section wise. Regarding the RC section the best part was that passages are not divived by short or long but by types of passages ex.humanities.

The Scholaranium has another beneficial thing the skill data where we can asses our weakness and strength across various things like for RC is main idea questions are my strength and inference my weakness spread across easy, medium and hard question.

With all these tool I now have a better understanding of the verbal section.

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July 18, 2018

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Best Test Preparation Tool


e-GMAT has been my companion through out my GMAT journey. As a typical engineering graduate, my strongest part always is quant and verbal is my Achilles' heel. I attended some class room courses but I did not find any help. Their teaching was not from basics and was at very high level or superficial. I was at the same level at the end of the classes as I was at the beginning. That is when I researched on gmat club and found many reviews for e-GMAT as best course for non-natives.

I thought of giving a try and started with their sample videos and scholaranium. I liked the way they turned verbal like quant. Every concept was broken into smaller and easily digestible chunks which is very helpful for working professionals. I immediately bought online course.

Once I finished the course, I started with scholaranium which is a huge pool of questions. Apart from the explanations, the stats are so good that you can track your performance, right after the each test. Sophisticated stats gives snapshot of week and strong areas. That helped me concentrate more on my week areas. Explanations are exceptional where they touch minute detail and if something is not clear, forum support is very good.

I have my GMAT on 31st July. Hope this preparation helps me achieve my dream score. Finally, e-GMAT scholaranium is worth every penny!!

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April 24, 2018

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720 Q50 V37

Overall Good

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Features of Scholoranium platform that are most helpful are section wise split of your strengths and weaknesses . In general the hard questions are a bit harder than the GMAT hard questions . In RC , performance is computed based on the subject of the passage. This helps in preparing more in a specific subject . Ability Quizzes are god in predicting your capability . However the questions which you do not attempt are also considered as incorrect and are added to dashboard incorrect questions . This is a wrong indication as this is a timing mistake and not that you are weak in an area

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February 01, 2018

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730 Q50 V38

egmat Verbal Scholarium.


730 (Q50, V38)

7 was not my favorite number until I thought of writing GMAT. I was very skeptic about my success in the journey, because I grew up in an environment where English was scarce as a language. Moreover, I was not an avid reader, and I had least interest in reading novels or periodicals. Having said so, Verbal part was always a nightmare for me. Apart from this, I was also average in quant, but I knew I could improve in quant with practice, which will tune me to avoid calculation and conceptual mistakes.

It was my second attempt (14.01.2018) in which I scored 730. In my first attempt (31.10.2017) I scored 700 (Q50, V35). I knew that 700 is a decent score, but it’s prudent try for higher score if you feel there is some room for improvement.

While preparing for the test, even after seeing the explanations several times, I still had a lot of doubts on SCs. Then, I came to know about “EGMAT” from gmatclub. I got some pdf files of Egmat on SC topics, and after going through the notes, I could clear all my doubts pertaining to SC. I really appreciate Egmat for so clear explanation of concepts and the approach to solve 700+ Sc questions. I don’t think I could have got a better guidance related to SC from any other source than Egmat. One important thing to note is that SC is the only part in Verbal in which you can achieve maximum improvement. So, before my second attempt I purchased Verbal Scholarium from Egmat, because I had exhausted all my sources of practice and a time bound practice can give me the jump I require in Verbal. The Egmat Scholarium is really nice for practicing to avoid similar mistakes and improve your pace. The major problem I was facing in Verbal was timing. Practicing from different sources I could somewhat improve my pacing, but not up to the level required by GMAT. The question levels simulate well with the question levels of real GMAT and practicing these tests, I could not only improve my speed further, but also focus on the similar mistakes I used to commit because of traps in GMAT questions.

Good luck,

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November 25, 2017

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720 Q49 V40

A must for V40+


The verbal Scholaranium is one of the best resources available for gmat club. The scholaranium is a huge question bank with lots of questions. Infact you can create your own tests set your own time though they give an approx indication of the time limit for that many number of questions. The questions are divided into hard , medium and easy. Hard questions are challenging and are a must for someone targeting a high score of 40+. Egmat made me score a 40 and also the explanation provided is super amazing. There will always be someone to answer your queries and clear all your doubts. Karishma will always help you with your doubts. The sentence correction is the best part of egmat verbal scholaranium and is a must for non native speakers

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October 16, 2017

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730 Q48 V41

Practice Ground for Verbal questons


I gave my first GMAT in Dec16 and scored 620 with a verbal score od 24 which was very disappointing. After asking my seniors, I got the advice of enrolling for E-gmat verbal online course. Verbal Scholaranium was a part of this course fortunately.
The verbal Scholaranium is a tool which lets you customize your tests in terms of type of question (SC/CR/RC), number of questions and the difficulty level of questions.
After I was confident with my verbal prep, I started using Verbal Scholaranium and I realized I still need to improve in some areas.
You can have mix of everything (type, number of Qs and difficulty) or totally specific ( e.g. 30 SC hard questions).
The database of the questions is huge and they do not get repeated. In fact they have a separate option if we want to repeat the questions.
After practicing extensively on scholaranium, I gave my GMAT in Aug 17 and scored 94 percentile (V41).
I believe it's a very good test for those who are getting consistent bad scores in verbal.

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October 05, 2017

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580 Q47 V24

One of the best Tests available for Verbal section


e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium is one of the best test for practicing and improving Verbal ability. It has two types of Test: Ability Tests and Custom Quiz. Ability Tests is a timed tests which has a mix of questions from all level of questions while Custom Quiz, as the names suggests, is a customisable testing type.

The quality of questions in e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium is very good and the best part is that the explanation of all the questions is consistent with that of GMAT Verbal Online course.
Custom Quiz is unique in its own way as it allows you to even select the sub-topics from each of RC, SC & CR. So, for e.g., if you want to practice only Verbs in SC, then you can select the same in Custom Quiz and practice it. This is very helpful as it lets you to focus on your weaker section more.

I definitely recommend e-GMAT Verbal Scholaranium to everyone as it has really helped me in improving my score.

All the Best!!

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