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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Stuart Park

I was looking for GMAT class that will offer me longer duration class and Veritas offered 42 hours of classroom plus extensive study material.

Material is very good for practice. It prepares you to take the GMAT. I am confident after taking class. I like their online assistance as well. And 15 tests are a good practice. After doing all this and then OG I am confident to take the test now.

Our instructor Stuart Park was very knowledgable and very friendly. He would show us the short approach to a problem and make concepts clear for everyone. He often stayed back late ( after 10 pm) when one of us had any questions or needed help solving any problem. And mostly, he motivated a lot to take the practice tests and how to approach the GMAT.

I am glad I took this course. I would say, it's better if you already know what all is covered in GMAT and take the class, it will benefit you more.

Only problem I had was getting into the building. You need access card to get into and Stuart told us some of the old students didn't return their access cards so they were short of it. So, if you are late you have to call up and then get into the building. But it seems they are changing the location.

Overall, I totally recommend this course for anyone who needs lot of preparation and needs to gain confidence on how to beat the GMAT.

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