GMAT Course Review
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Travis Morgan

I took the Veritas Prep course and I stongly suggest you do the same. I've always done well on standardized tests, but have never taken a test like the gmat which really focuses on logical reasoning and problem solving strategies. Veritas Prep provided a great platform for exactly that - it provides concise strategies for approaching the various problem types and allows you to quickly recognize the question type and the appropriate approach to solving the problem in a reasonable amount of time. This is instrumental to performing well on the GMAT.

My instructor, Travis Morgan, was great and kept the class engaged and on point. I performed well on the test and felt very comfortable given the resources made available to me through Veritas Prep. The practice tests were good though scores seemed on the low side (the official GMAC practice tests are always the best). The lessons were great. Veritas has a great team who is sincerely dedicated to the success of their students.

Great program! Thanks Veritas!

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