GMAT Course Review
from 540 to 670
July 10 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: David Chambers

Great course. Fantastic teacher. I found the material and tips extremely helpful. The course was very intense with lots of homework and prep work before and after each lesson but I think it's the only way to ensure that everything discussed during the lesson is absorbed.

David is a real expert on GMAT and had a very approachable way of explaining how to tackle every question. Having done some prep work before the course I was quite familiar with the theoretical knowledge required to attempt both quant and verbal sections but during the course I learned how to take shortcuts in order to answer questions quicker and how to avoid falling into traps and pick the correct answer instead of the most tempting one. David also helped me to overcome the timing issue by showing me how to reduce time spent on each question. Moreover I really enjoyed the classes, the atmosphere and the discussions and ideas that were shared by other students.

I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you David and Veritas.

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