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November 09 | 2012
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I have taken the GMAT before and didn't really think a course would help me learn anything new. Was I wrong! Veritas Prep has so many resources to use. I took the online class with Jen Begasse and she was great!

All Veritas Prep instructors are in the 99%, so you know you are learning from the best. Get stuck on a homework problem? Veritas has a homework help session EVERY day. Want to practice the GMAT? Veritas has 10 practice tests. Yes, 10! Rather do your homework online than in the books? Veritas has every problem online with solution so you can do your homework anytime, anywhere.

I cannot say enough about how awesome this program is. Yes, GMAT courses can be expensive, but if you want to make the big bucks later, you need to invest in yourself now. So go and crush that GMAT! Veritas is ready to help.

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