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Highly Recommend!
June 19 | 2013
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Location: Online
Taught by: Steve Odabashian

I took the live online course from 9-midnight Monday and Wednesdays and attended every course.

My instructor Steve O. was very knowledgeable, kept the class engaged and made sure that we covered everything within our three hour window.

I did some of the pre-work and homework, but there were so many materials that I admittedly didn't take advantage of all the tools at my disposal. I found the books and problems to be very helpful, however I did discover quite a few errors and typos that sometimes were a distraction.

Between the coursework and completing some practice problems in areas I was weakest I was able to increase my GMAT score by 120 points to 690! I would recommend this course to anyone that wants the flexibility of taking a course from anywhere (with an internet connection) while still having the structure of a real course.

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