July 14, 2021

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Veritas Prep Tests - Only Second to Official Mocks.


Veritas prep tests are really good and I feel they are closest to official in their score prediction. The quant section is highly logical and not just math-oriented, which is what GMAT tests. As the GMAC says, "It is not math, but quantitative reasoning. The quality of the questions in verbal is also good. All the questions have written explanation. For the few questions, wherein I was not satisfied with the explanation, I used to head this forum.

We can also reset the test after all the seven mocks are completed. I got the pack at an offer price of $19. Lucky me! My scores on the mocks were ranging from 650 to 690. I scored 710 (Q49, V38) on the actual gmat. Kudos to Veritas prep for providing such an amazing test product.

August 16, 2020

From where did you get the tests at $19?

August 17, 2020

Hi, there was an offer going on for quite some time when I bought it from Veritas website. I have read Gmat Club review that Veritas keeps this offer price recurrently. I can't say when they would have such reduced price again. After a week of buying the Veritas mocks, I found that the price is back to $50.

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