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Veritas Prep got me the score I needed for a top MBA program


Improvement 100 Points

Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Aaron Pond

Location Draper, UT USA

Aaron Pond and the Veritas Prep full course were a great fit for me. The quantitative section was a struggle for me so I was really hoping to get those skills up to speed. Aaron's approach to the course is to change the way you think, rather than just teach tricks and shortcuts. This approach worked well for me, as I needed to think differently about the GMAT in order to get past some of my bad habits. The lessons were great and was time very well spent.

Aaron's expertise and experience with the GMAT alone is worth the cost of this course, but the extra online Veritas Prep resources are very helpful. Using the online tools I was able to identify my weakest areas. Aaron provided specific examples within the coursework that would help me improve those areas. The combination of the two made the difference for me.

I increased my score by 100, enough to break through the 700+ barrier and get me into a top MBA program. It's a little pricey, but it was worth it. My GMAT score got me into my MBA program, and Veritas Prep was a major part of getting that score. I highly recommend the course.

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