January 03, 2015

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Anthony Ritz

Location DC Area, DC USA

Though my GMAT score was extremely poor, I am rating the course as well as Anthony very high. Anthony is a great instructor who shows a vested interest in his students. Rather than simply going through the book, Anthony seeks to provide additional value. He offers different way to solve problems than are shown in the book. With that you see multiple methods to solve the same problem. I like to think of this as having an adjustable wrench. My course was slated to last three hours per meeting, but there was once or twice out of our twelve meetings where the class ended on time. Anthony took many questions from students and was never in a hurry to leave class even when it ended closer to 1030pm than 10pm.

If you have the means and the drive to do well on the GMAT, a course with Anthony is a sound investment. My score on test day was just a bad day and I probably took the exam later than I should have. My score is not representative of my success in the class. My baseline score was a 590 and on a practice exam 1 week after the class I scored a 700.

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