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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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Skipping from med school to business school has not been an easy process, BUT thanks to VeritasPrep On-Demand course I'm business savvy!

Before taking the GMAT I was fearful that I would get lost in the business jargon, not with an easy to access online course.

VeritasPrep On-Demand has EVERYTHING needed to be more than ready for test day.

Instructional videos that you can pause and rewind made learning easy and personal.

A ton of practice tests and quizzes helped ease exam-day jitters.

Workbook problems and problem sets secured that the tools I was learning were internalized.

Having DETAILED, even video, explanations of how to work through problems put "the icing on the cake."
VeritasPrep On-Demand course made sure I was well prepared with steady nerves before, during and after the GMAT!

Thanks Veritas!!

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