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I had the privilege of working with Rachel Shelton of Veritas Prep consulting during my admissions process. A consultancy is only good as its consultants. If Rachel is any indication of the high caliber of head consultants at Veritas Prep, then I would have to say that Veritas is a world class admissions consultancy.

I would like to provide a little context, if I may. I come from a predominantly non-business background, I avoided quantitative classes during my undergraduate years like they were the plague, and I fell short of my 90th percentile goal on the GMAT by more than a few points. I’m an ambitious guy, and I desperately wanted in to a top 15 full time MBA program. I knew I had the charisma and a compelling background to impress an admissions committee and win the interview, even if my stats betrayed my goals. I needed to ensure that my story was presented in the best possible way. That’s where Veritas and Rachel came in.

It was June 2013 when I began working with Rachel and the Round 1 deadlines were fast approaching. From day 1 we discussed my goals, addressed my strengths and weaknesses, and created an admissions strategy. We developed a plan to put a spotlight on my strengths and render my weaknesses less significant. Before I had the chance to protest, I was enrolled in a financial accounting, statistics, and calculus course (gulp). Through the summer we steadily worked through one self-imposed deadline after another. We trimmed the fat on my resume, and sharpened it into a formidable beast. Next, we took on the essays with a vengeance. Like I stated earlier, I knew I had a compelling story, but even in written form, it was raw. Rachel helped guide me through draft revision iteration after iteration. My narrative was now succinct, stylistic, and poignant. Additionally, the team of schools specialists was worth its weight in gold. By my first interview, I was armed with four mock interviews and more than ready. I applied to three schools(US News Top 15(Businessweek top ten :D)) and landed interviews with all three. Ultimately, I was admitted to my dream school and have since committed.

Rachel truly is a consummate professional. I never felt like I was a client when working with her. I felt like I had devoted big sister guiding me through a difficult process. Equal parts therapist and taskmaster, we emailed one another on a daily basis and spoke on the phone weekly, working through our plan of action with a unity of purpose. Not only is Rachel a premier consultant but she has personality for days. We immediately developed a rapport and common ground based on our quirky love of dogs and our shared family links to the military. If I could do it all over again, I would work with Rachel in a heartbeat. If any of you out there think that you are almost there but just need an edge, call Veritas and request Rachel.

I’ll see you in Ann Arbor :D

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