December 19, 2014

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Edit: I was accepted to one of my top choice schools and am currently waitlisted at my first choice, Kellogg. I know I wouldn't have seen this result without Drew's assistance.

About me:
I have less than stellar stats, low GPA but decent 700+ GMAT, and an interesting career in healthcare/pharma with a lot of growth and progression.

Experience with VP:
With my background out of the way, I want to focus on my experience with VP and Drew. Drew was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the applications process. I opted for the 3 school package, a big investment for sure, but knowing the amount of time and effort Drew put into all of my applications materials justified the price. The application process will be stressful no matter what, but Drew was able to keep me on point and motivated to finish successfully.

Experience with Drew:
What I enjoyed most about working with Drew is the feedback he gave on my resume and essays. He is very focused on making sure your voice and story are expressed clearly and succinctly. He is forthright about what doesn't work, and what points I should stress more.

As a non-traditional applicant, it was really necessary for me to craft a compelling story that converted my scientific/technical background into something desired by business schools. Drew certainly did that while keeping my voice heard throughout my application materials. Additionally, his advice was very important in my selection of schools to apply to.

I did a before and after comparison of the first and final drafts of my essays and resumes, and the versions I ended up with are on a completely different level. I had to work hard throughout this process, but Drew's guidance was essential in bringing my apps to a place where I was proud to submit.

Experience with School Specialists and Director review:
This is one area I struggled with. The timing is tight, especially with a 3 school package. I would recommend that you get an early start on your applications so you can give your school specialists and director ample time for review. The feedback I received from the school specialists and especially the director were very helpful.

Outcomes: TBD. Too early to say, but I received some interview invitations already (no dings).

You'll get what you put in, but the monumental effort and expert guidance that Drew provided will greatly benefit anyone applying.

December 22, 2014

Thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed review of your experience with Drew and Veritas Prep. I wish you continued success throughout the season.

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