June 29, 2015

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Thank you to Veritas and Dave Gent for helping me get into my top target school!

When I originally started thinking about pursuing my MBA, I assumed I would need to settle for an average program. Upon speaking with the staff at Veritas, I found them to be very genuine in explaining how the admissions consulting process works. I decided the cost of the school package would be a sound investment since it would focus my consultant and I on my targeted schools without a limit to the number hours needed to maximize the strength of my applications. Bottom line...I was going to put my trust into Veritas to help me get into a top program.

Veritas then selected Dave Gent to be my head consultant. During our first conversation, Dave asked me excellent questions and really took the time to understand me, my background, and my motivations moving forward. At that point, before we started working on the school applications, he suggested I consider an EMBA as opposed to a Part-Time MBA. He said he was prepared to help me succeed regardless of which direction I decided to take, but carefully explained how "fit" is very important schools when evaluating candidates. This turned out to be fantastic advice and I decided to look at the EMBA programs at my same target schools which both had top 10 EMBA rankings.

Once we started working together, Dave's true strengths really stood out to me as he helped guide me with my resume, interview prep, and especially the essays. Dave challenged me to take different approaches in how I presented my strengths. As our worked together continued to build, my trust in him grew tremendously. As we got closer to the application deadlines, Dave was always extremely flexible in taking as much time as needed to chat and help make sure my essays were top notch. His interview preparation advice was fantastic. By the time I submitted my applications, my confidence was very high thanks to Dave.

I was admitted to my top target school thanks to Dave. This was one of the best investments I could have ever made. Thank you Veritas and Dave Gent!

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