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Below, you can find a review of the Veritas Prep consulting package! It's a lot of information. So, if you have a quick question about any of the topics below, you can shoot me a PM. If you just want a thumbs up or down because "ain't nobody got time to read the whole thing," I feel you. Know that I give two thumbs up, and I gained entrance into my school of choice! Let the review begin--

Initial Meeting

To begin the process, a head consultant calls to introduce himself or herself. During the meeting, he or she gets a better understanding of your goals and vision. My consultant, Dia, a former associate admissions director, had an impressive knowledge base and was able, from the beginning, to help me better articulate my goals in a way that would get an admissions director's attention (in a positive way), making me more likely to get an interview.

Personal MBA Game Plan

After the initial meeting, I received my personalized MBA Game Plan. It served as the road map to get me into my target program. It detailed my strengths (academic preparedness) and weaknesses (nontraditional work experience) and how to address both clearly and concisely.

School Specialist Introduction

Next in the process is a chat with a school specialist, a person who attended one of the schools you intend to apply to for admission. This person tells you what parts of the program you should discuss in your applications. They can also tell you about their interview questions and of course the student experience. My specialist was Dakotah, she was amazing in that she had admissions experience and alumni experience. She was thoughtful, organized and provided all the things I needed to make my profile stand out--she told me about classes to discuss in my interview and application, professors who had interests that matched mine and student clubs that aligned with my future career goals.

Application Review/ Ultimate Admissions Committee

After you've chatted with your consultant, specialist and reviewed your game plan, it's time for you to write your essays. Once you're done, your head consultant reviews them and comments. After any necessary changes, your specialist does the same. At this point and if you finished at least two weeks prior to your applications' deadlines, then your applications are sent to the Ultimate Admissions Committee, a group of former admissions directors and associate admissions directors to provide a final review and feedback. This review brings in professionals who haven't heard your narrative. They can see things that perhaps your specialist and head consultant are blind to because they already know you, your goals and your objectives! This part of the process was beyond invaluable. It gave me a shot of confidence before submitting and a few tweaks to make my application stronger.

Interview Prep

Once you get interview invites, both your consultant and specialist will also give you mock interviews and give you feedback. By the time you've finished. you'll be a natural at discussing your work history and goals in the best light. This also helps you try out different examples and stories to use in your interview!

More Detailed Overall Review

The team at Veritas is dedicated to your success! If you have a random question before a call or interview, you can always pop an email to your consultant, and it'll get answered. I feel that working with this team truly elevated my application and confidence in the process.

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