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e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep brings together the world’s most advanced learning technologies and the world’s top most instructors to deliver a learning experience that goes above and beyond anything that you may have experienced in a physical classroom. You will never go back to a physical classroom once you experience our online classroom.
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June 13, 2020

Joined: Mar 24, 2018

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760 Q51 V41

760 - Journey from V33 to V41 using e-GMAT's verbal Live Prep


Improvement 80 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

Overall I found my e-gmat experience really rewarding as I was able to improve my verbal score from V33 to V41 by following their structured approach to each question type on verbal section.
I feel to score good on GMAT, two things are really important – one is to have good fundamental understanding of the concepts and the other is to follow the correct approach. This course is structured in a way which will help you in getting good at both of these aspects. Their focus on approach and fundamentals in every single lesson will help you ingrain it in your mind.
Personally for me the SC was something which I wanted to improve upon as my current approach of splitting options into groups of 2/3 was not panning out. Therefore, I tried out their 3 step approach for SC questions. At the start, it was really difficult to follow this approach. But if you give yourself time, it can do wonders like it did for me and many others.
e-gmat helped me overachieve my target score of 730-740 and get admits from multiple schools. I would 100% recommend this course to everyone who want to improve their verbal score, enabling them to get closer to their MBA dream.

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September 11, 2020

Joined: Jan 18, 2018

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Verified score:
760 Q49 V44 (Online)

Comprehensive course to build foundational knowledge


Improvement N/A

Course e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

Before I started using the E-gmat's verbal live prep course, I had used Magoosh premium subscription, manhattan verbal guides, and the Powerscore CR bible for my verbal preparation, so basically, I had a fair idea of the content tested in the verbal section.

I was scoring in the low 30(s) on the official mock tests. However, I was almost never confident about my answers in SC, I was stuck between 2 choices for almost 40% of 600 level questions questions and almost all 700 questions, and I was usually lost during the RC section.

For someone who had basic knowledge about the content but who struggled to apply those concepts, my set of pros and cons for the course are as follows:-

1. E-gmat has absolutely nailed the idea of what GMAT wants to test. The meaning based approach in every element of the test is what one needs to perform better on the test and E-gmat's course is built on that idea. After taking the course, I started primarily focusing on taking my time and comprehending the information that was presented to me and I can't stress on how important that is, especially on the harder questions.
2. The structured approach by E-gmat for every section provides you with a toolkit to attack any type of question with confidence. It is very essential to have a strategy for individual question types to avoid last-minute hiccups, to be confident about your preparation, and to save some precious time.
3. The course is very comprehensive. I have never seen a course that is nearly as comprehensive as E-gmat when it comes to SC. They have dealt with almost everything that can be tested.
4. Brilliant instructors who know how to impart their knowledge to you.
5. The course is optimized for non-natives and it is very helpful to build your verbal (and English in some cases) knowledge for the GMAT and the world beyond that.
6. Seamless live classes which were very interactive.
7. In the course, there was a section about how to read stuff on the GMAT. It can be a game changer was those who need to channelize their brain for the GMAT and leave behind some counterproductive reading habits. For instance, as someone who has only taken Indian competitive exam, I was highly motivated to skim through the RC passages and finish reading them as soon as possible. E-gmat certainly helped me to break this habit and to read the GMAT way.
8. The scholaranium has some great GMAT-like questions to practice.
9. Value for money.
10. E-gmat provides you with amazing, personalized strategy to prepare for the test and to approach the test on the D-day.

1. As someone who was already scoring in the 30s, who had basic idea of the content, and who had solved and deeply analysed some 150 questions in the verbal official guides, I don't think the live sessions added much value to me. The idea was to do some questions live using the E-gmat approach and to build the discussion on them. However, in all the sessions, I thought that the fact that I already registered while going through the online course or had practiced while solving a scolaranium question was reinstated. If you resonate with my type of profile, I highly recommend that you go for the online verbal course rather than the live prep course. However, if you are struggling with the foundational knowledge, you should go for the latter.
2. As per my experience, the query resolution system on the E-gmat forum is not very robust. I would give a shoutout to Magoosh here for almost always resolving my question with a very comprehensive solution within 24 hours. I don't know if it happened just with me but the queries I wrote on e-gmat forum were solved in a week or more, and once, a query was resolved after a month.

Verdict: I think the pros of the course far-outweigh the cons and I don't regret my investment in the course at all. If you are thinking about the current verbal score I hold, it is solely because of how I deviated from the devised strategy on the test-day because of test anxiety and not at all because of anything provided by E-gmat.

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November 07, 2019

Joined: Oct 07, 2018

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Self-reported Score:
500 Q43 V18

Needed help in Verbal

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Improvement 50 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

e-GMAT helped me change my perspective towards verbal.
The kind of process that is followed to understand and answer a question is amazing. The SC course is amazing! The concepts were explained methodically and from the basics.
Short Quizzes for assessing the weaknesses and conceptual gaps was one key aspect that helped me throughout my preparation.

The best part of the course was scholaranium . It has all levels of question from low difficulty to high and one can customize the type of questions they prefer to attempt based on their level of preparation at that point in time.

On a whole, one who wants to ace GMAT can choose e-GMAT with 100% confidence.

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August 16, 2019

Joined: Sep 30, 2017

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Verified score:
720 Q49 V40

Value for money to shoot 720


Improvement 40 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep

Location Online

I finally got done with the second attempt of GMAT and was relieved to see a satisfactory 720 (Q49, V40) in Aug 2018. Previously, I scored 680 (Q49, V34) in Mar 2018

Reading debriefs on GMAT Club, I decided to purchase the EGMAT Verbal course for three reasons:
1. It allowed me to study at my own pace and style, and
2. The cost was within my budget.
3. Admittedly, I am weak in GMAT Verbal.

After studying for the verbal section and completing Verbal Scholaranium in about 6 months, I took my first GMAT slot for Mar 2018. I scored a 680 (V34, Q49), a score below my target score 700, in this test and didn't feel satisfied.

Having taken a blow, I analysed what went wrong and realised that I had not done any OG questions at all. Learning from my mistakes, I decided to practice all OG questions and to redo all Verbal Scholaranium.

I was satisfied with the 720 (V40, Q49) score on my second GMAT attempt. Key takeaway that I believe to contribute to this 700+score is to always practice lots of questions (OG and Verbal Scholaranium).

Materials referred & recommended:
1. EGMAT Verbal. Don't forget to do all Verbal Scholaranium.


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