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Founded in 2002, EXPARTUS is the first MBA admissions consulting firm to use personal branding as a key part of the b-school application, essay and interview process.

EXPARTUS was founded by Mr. Obinna Isiadinso, a Harvard MBA and Mrs. Chioma Isiadinso, a former admissions at Harvard Business School and Carnegie Mellon University.  

Our book, The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets, has helped over 15,000 people navigate the challenging b-school application process.

Our MBA admissions consulting team has over 40 years of combined experience and includes former admissions officers that have served on the HBS admissions board, one of the world’s top b-school programs. Learn more

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     By natisolanog 0 0
This review is for: EXPARTUS Hourly Service

My semi-traditional background of having most of my work experience in my small family business was not necessarily the easiest to work with. However, in my free 30-minute consultation, Chioma and Reyhan were super straightforward in pointing out my strengths and weaknesses and how I should work with both of them to create a compelling story. I had scheduled an appointment with another consulting company, but cancelled it as soon as I ended our skype call.

I worked with Reyhan during my admissions process, only being able to do a couple of hours of consulting. However, they were the most useful hours in my whole process!! Reyhan was super understanding of my time restrictions, and was able to help me create a great admissions profile with such limited time. She went beyond her hourly duties to give me clear, strong advice on how to steer my essays and was spot-on on her comments and recommendations regarding my choice of recommenders (which for me, was the toughest part of my application).

I ended up only applying to my first-choice school, and got in with a scholarship! :) I know that for applicants coming from developing countries like mine, the investment in this service seems a bit out of reach. However, for me, it was completely worth it, and I received a whole lot in return!!!

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HBS 2+2 Acceptance
May 04 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By hs2872 0 0

As a senior in college, I worked with Expartus for my HBS 2+2 application. I chose to work with Expartus because of their experience and deep insights into the HBS application process, something no other consulting firm seemed to offer when I spoke with them.

I am extremely glad and grateful to have worked with Mollie Wollin. She is efficient, understanding, honest, and most of all - good at what she does. What I found most valuable was Mollie's ability to identify my strengths & weaknesses from the standpoint of an admissions officer, something only possible with an eye as trained as hers after reading hundreds of applications and interacting with so many applicants, whether as an adcomm member or consultant. This alone, is something working with a consultant offers that no amount of Googling, reading books, or talking with friends in b-school can provide you. Mollie was exceptional at strategizing in the entire process, always leveraging her experience and insights to find the best method of approach to every aspect of the application process.

As a very diligent applicant, I thought I could execute the majority of the application by myself well. However, only when I started working with Mollie did I realize how wrong I was and how much room for improvement there was. Mollie was instrumental in helping me identify my personal brand, our angle of approach to the essay, trimming my essay to make it as strong as it could be, picking strategic recommenders, redesigning my entire resume (as a senior, it was previously careers focused and not b-school focused), working with my recommenders to strategically highlight certain traits of me, and down to very specific advice such as helping me with very specific line items in the application, how I should approach a recommender, or things I should look out for during my on-campus visit. Mollie was also invaluable during the interview process, giving me resources to prepare, analyzing my strengths and weaknesses using her insights, and conducting a mock interview that was strikingly similar to the actual one.

An added benefit of working with Expartus was that I also got to work with other members of their consulting team. Chioma was also able to offer her thoughts based on her insights and experience through my essay and also prepared me well through a mock interview.

I got accepted into the HBS 2+2 program and give my highest praise for Mollie and Expartus.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By bluewillow 1 5

I'd done the initial free consultations with several well-known consultants. Because of my non-traditional background, they all told me to aim for a lower-ranked school, with the exception of Expartus. The folks at Expartus took the time to understand my profile and truly believed in my candidacy at the school of my choice, a top-5 MBA program.

With a month or so left before most application deadlines, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and only applied to my dream school. Thanks to Expartus, not only did I gain admission to the school, but I also received a substantial scholarship offer, which was about 20x times the amount I paid for the services.

The staff at Expartus provided me with more than just admissions consulting services. In a period of self-doubt, they were my biggest cheerleaders, and they were instrumental in helping me bring out the best in myself.

In conclusion, you really can't go wrong with Expartus. Thank you, Chioma!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By tonymartial 0 0

I worked with Mollie Wolin from Expartus on my apps and go into HBS. I got interviews from all 3 schools that I applied to (H/S/W) and I worked with Mollie for all 3 schools. If you're thinking of hiring a consultant for your MBA application process, stop reading this review and start working with Expartus. I can speak for the 3 schools I applied to - they really know their stuff. They know the schools inside out, are great at not just editing essays and helping prep for the interviews, but they actually take out the time to get to know you inside out and that reflects in the essays. Mollie is exceptionally helpful, extremely reachable (less than 24 hours response time) and very invested in your success. Another great thing is that the team has other great consultants (a lot of e ad-com members at top schools) as well so you get 2-3 pairs of eyes on your essay which leads to extremely valuable inputs. A big plus is their ability to filter out stuff that is not relevant to your story and make your story very coherent. I honestly can't think of a single day when I wasn't glad I was working with Mollie. I would recommend them 100%!

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HBS Prep with Mollie
December 11 | 2015
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Anonymous 12 6

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mollie, and am so glad to have found EXPARTUS. Chioma and the team are kind enough to provide candidates with a great deal of helpful content for free, and everyone should take advantage of the webinars.

I decided to work on HBS with Mollie because of the significance of the interview in Harvard's decision model. Mollie is a former HBS MBA Board Member, and she was able to ask targeted questions about the decisions I have made in my life up until this point. She read over my entire application prior to our mock, and pulled from various parts of the application to form her questions. I was really impressed with how well she knew my story and how easy it was for her to find the gaps, which ultimately were the questions that were asked during the real thing.

My favorite part about working with Mollie was how much she cared about the entire process. She went well over our allotted time to make sure I understood all of her feedback, so that I could prepare effectively. She asked me how the interview went, and helped me better understand the purpose for the post-interview response. And she checked in on December 9th with kind words hoping for a positive outcome.

I was admitted to HBS and couldn't thank Mollie more for her support. I highly recommend her for application strategy and interview preparation, particularly for HBS.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By fakhan11 0 0

I worked with Expartus as a re-applicant and was very happy with the result - I was accepted at all 3 schools I applied to (and wish I had applied to more!) - Wharton, Columbia, and Tuck.

Expartus really excels in giving you a direct line of sight into what an adcom will be thinking as they read your application. With that in mind, they help you bring out the most valuable parts of your experience.

As noted by a few other reviewers, there is an extended "personal audit" exercise - it really is useful because they help you start from square one in building your application, rather than just re-wording your essays.

Lastly, I want to personally vouch for Mollie as she worked with me for nearly a year as I worked through Round 1, waitlist and then figuring out scholarships. Her response time is unbelievable and moreover, she inspires a lot of confidence. I actually felt like she gave me good insight not just into applying, but the MBA experience overall.

I also spoke with Chioma directly for about an hour, and would recommend anyone using the service get her insight as well - she is great at distilling an application review into key details that can make or break your application.

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Got into my dream school
April 05 | 2015
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Anonymous 3 5
This review is for: EXPARTUS Hourly Service
Consultant: Mollie Wollin

I looked at multiple admission consulting companies before choosing Expartus. This decision was one of the best I made during my preparation for business school.

The process was straightforward - I had an initial consultation with Mollie and decided to continue working with her. She encouraged me to spend a lot of effort on defining my personal brand, which helped me a lot later on, while crafting the essays and preparing for the interviews.

Mollie asked great questions, which helped me clarify the message I wanted to convey to the persons reading my applications. She constantly encouraged me to refine my essays, and as a result, I created multiple iterations. The first and last versions are night and day. It was also helpful, especially in the last days before deadlines, that Mollie was very responsive to emails. The interview preparation was also very useful.

When applying to the best business schools, every detail counts. That is why I am happy that Mollie pushed me to submit the best applications I could.

The costs of admission consulting services may be daunting when you are coming from an emerging market, like I am. However, I treated this cost as an investment: The total cost of attending the top 10 schools is roughly the same, and I asked myself if less than 5% of that cost was worth giving myself the best chance of getting into my dream school. The answer for me was yes, and I would choose Mollie if I had to go through the process once again.

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