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June 15 | 2017
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     By Willemk 0
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I purchased a one-school All-in Package and was assigned to Paul as my consultant. The overall process was highly unstructured and is not at all similar to what was described in the advertising slides.

For instance, I was hoping to gain some insights from the 'Application Strategy Document' which supposed to point out my key strengths and weaknesses after our initial chat and background review. I needed to remind Paul for this and, when he sent it, the material turned out to be generic and not at all insightful. Moreover, about half of the template was not filled at all.

To be fair, Paul suggestion on the essay does help improve it. However, his communication style is extremely brief and did not spend time to expand on his thinking or help me understand the thinking of schools' admission team. I did not get a sense that he is dedicated to helping me get in.

I was able to compare SBC service with the feedback I received from others and improvements to my application I can achieve just by reading books and online material, and came to the above conclusion. Comparing to the improvements on my application, the money was not at all well spent at SBC.

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     By Bullsfan23 2 5
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Consultant: Paul (SBC)

I used SBC's hourly services and was matched up w/ Paul. If you are aiming for a Top 3-4 school, he is one of the best in the business. He is a Harvard AND Stanford grad, so he really does know what they are looking for. He was instrumental in essay review and making sure my "story" lined up across my applications. He was especially helpful during the interview prep, since he has given admissions interviews himself.

I was ultimately accepted to every school I applied to, including Harvard and Stanford. I would absolutely recommend Paul to those who are looking at top schools! Thanks Paul!

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     By Anonymous 0
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I'm off to HBS because of Paul.

I wasn't the easiest client, I admit, but at every stage wherever I was nervous/stressed, Paul was a beacon of calmness and confidence and, in fact, used this to direct my essays and ideas.

SBC is great in that it allows you to pick the person who works with you. For me, it was no contest: Paul is a Harvard grad and Stanford GSB grad with relevant work experience and gets countless in to the top schools every year.

Our initial conversation looked at aspects of my personality, helping me to think about myself and how this could drive what I wrote and my application strategy.

From then, Paul was always available - for a chat to discuss ideas and always ready to respond to an email at double speed, no matter what time or what day of the week I sent it.

I particularly liked the fact that Paul's strategy was more hands off, concentrating less on correcting my grammar and English, and focusing more on the content and how we could target each school. A number of times he reiterated that changes might not be 'authentically' me. As a result what I handed in was a snapshot of the real (and polished) me.

He was also happy to look through each of my applications innumerable times.

I still can't express fuly how thankful I am.

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