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MER (myEssayReview) offers a dedicated, personalized, and affordable consulting service to B-School applicants. With three decades of experience as an English teacher in India and the US, Poonam Tandon, myEssayReview owner, founded this venture in 2011 to provide highly personalized and dedicated consulting services to Business School applicants. Since then, Poonam, a Ph.D. in English, has supported hundreds of students get accepted into top 20 MBA, EMBA, and other Masters programs in the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The fact that Poonam is the only admission consultant who does not possess an MBA degree highlights the extent to which her storytelling prowess and commitment to her clients have helped them stand out.

A full-time consultant, Poonam works directly with each client, and to maintain the quality she is known for, she works with only six clients at a time. Since 2011, Poonam has achieved excellent success with her students, and 90% of them have been accepted into the top 20 B-schools. Additionally, her students have received scholarships (30% to 100%) from prestigious schools internationally. See the complete listing here.

No matter where you are, myEssayReview can help you create a stellar application that will earn you admission into your dream school.

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myEssayReview Admissions Consulting Reviews

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March 19, 2022

Joined: Nov 26, 2016

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570 Q42 V26 (Online)

I signed up for MER services as I was looking for support on my MBA application for Mcgill and Concordia. After thorough research, I realized MER had supported students with a lower-than-average GMAT score get into their desired business school. Given my GMAT was lower than average, I decided to go ahead with MER. Also, compared to other editing services, MER charged reasonable prices for its services.
The free consultation was helpful as it made me connect with Poonam better. Also, through this session, I understood that Poonam is very serious about her work and has strict guidelines an applicant should follow, something which I admire in mentors.

Then the long counseling session helped me understand the real ask behind each essay question and the resume. Poonam answered all my questions and helped me get the bigger picture.
Poonam supported me a lot with my stories. On my first session, I thought I had nothing to tell on a personal level, however, the more time I spent on Poonam’s feedback, the more I realized I have a lot to tell. This helped me craft top-notch essays with relevant content.
The feedback Poonam shared in her edits helped me organize my story better and draft it in a clear flow. Poonam helped me input diverse synonyms in my essays. Her ability to bring down the word count to the required word count without losing the flow and meaning was amazing.
Poonam helped me quickly move from a professional resume format to an academic resume format. She also helped me add an exceptional Extracurriculars section, something which I never thought I had enough stories for.

The LOR process was smooth and helped improve the quality of my recommendations. Throughout our engagement, Poonam answered all my queries quickly and clearly. I felt free to ask her the silliest of questions as she managed to create an open culture. Her response time was on point! It helped me not to over-stress and helped me avoid the fear of last-minute delays.

Working with Poonam was a great experience. The level of service met my expectations. The challenging process of an MBA application was made smoother and more organized with the support of Poonam. Yes! The content on the MER website describes the actual experience. I am happy to say that I have received an offer of admission from both, Mcgill and Concordia! I really appreciate your support and would like to thank you for the guidance! I will definitely recommend the service to prospective applicants.

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January 26, 2022

Joined: Jun 05, 2021

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Thank you, MER (Poonam), for my Wharton EMBA (WEMBA-48) admission


I came across MER during my search for MBA consultant to help me with my EMBA applications for top business schools. I went through multiple other MBA consultant websites but found MER unique, after reading through the successful stories and experiences of other MER students.

My initial call with Poonam was very affirmative and informational. Initially, I was not even considering applying for top business schools, but after talking to Poonam, I got the motivation and self confidence that I should apply for top business schools. In my first call, I remember Poonam saying that you will only get a single chance to go through this wonderful application process. I didn’t quite understand it back then, but now after going through the process with her, I understand why. It’s an interesting process where you not only write application essays but also learn how and why you write them and what is admission committee is looking for.

Each counselling session was great and very informational. Poonam is very organized and has the editing process in place to speed up the application process. While writing essays, I learned a lot about myself. Poonam explained to me the STAR method to write the situational essays which I am pretty sure will help me in future. She also pointed out things that admission committee looks for in LORs and suggested ideas that make your case more promising to the admission committee.

Poonam just didn’t only help build my resume, but also explained the entire process how I should write the resume and what admission committee is looking for. I believe it will help me in entire my career. I chuckle when I see my old 2-page resume, which was bad (No wonder, I didn’t get many jobs interview calls). She helped me reduce it to very brief and concise one- page resume. This will not only help me applying for business schools but through out rest of my life.
She is very direct and knows what is important and what not.

Poonam not only edited my essays but also helped me pick the best stories to make my case very strong. She knows what stories will be appealing to add in the application. It is very natural for her to read your essay and point out what should go where. Going through the essay writing process, now I see how my essay transformed from my first draft to the final essay. Reading through the final essay, I didn’t believe my stories could be this powerful. She makes sure the essay flows nicely and stories are all lined up to show your candidacy.

Poonam not only makes sure the grammar, punctuation is correct, but she structures your sentences in a very nice way. In fact, I was never worried about the word limit because I knew Poonam has extraordinary skills to cut down my essays to the allowed word limit without trimming my stories. She also makes sure to use simple words, so it looks like it is written by you and not by an English Professor.

Poonam is very knowledgeable and supportive at the same time. Whenever I had any questions about any of application steps, I reached out to her, and she was always there to help me with my queries. The response time for essays was less than 12 hours and she made sure that my application was ready before the deadline. She is very responsive if you have any question about the application process and makes sure that she answers your questions correctly.

One of the best things I learned through this process was learning about myself. She pointed out my weaknesses and highlighted my strengths, making my case realistic and strong at the same time. Personally, I think it is good, because you get very true opinion about yourself and how you are being portrayed to others.

Interview Prep: To be honest, my mock interview with Poonam was more rigorous and realistic than my real interview. It prepared me well for my actual interview with the business school interviewer. Poonam gave me confidence on how to interview and what should and shouldn’t I say during the interview. She made sure I am fully prepared for the interview. I remember, my laptop battery died during my mock interview with Poonam, and I had to leave the mock interview for a few seconds. She pointed out that I should be extra prepared for unusual events like this. She asked relevant questions and provided nice feedback towards the end of the interview. She also sent a detailed written feedback report on the mock interview which is always very helpful to go back and prepare.

I enjoyed the entire application process working with Poonam. One thing I really liked about Poonam is that she works with only 6 candidates at a time. That gives her enough time to read through your stories, understand your point of view, and provide feedback. Sometimes, it even feels like she is only working on your essays because she is totally invested in you. Working with her, I always felt motivated and inspired not only during essays but also during the time I was preparing for my EA exam.

I am happy to inform that I am accepted into Wharton’s EMBA program . No doubt, I would like to recommend her to the prospective applicants. She has great English background and experience in writing essays for business schools and her style of working with each applicant personally makes her unique. I don’t think you will get same package as her from another MBA consultant.

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January 12, 2022

Joined: Jan 12, 2022

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740 Q50 V40

I wanted to give the best shot to my applications as this was the final year of me applying so I went with Poonam who has already delivered exceptional results in the past with applicants. This was the 3rd year I was applying to B-schools and Poonam understood the importance of this year’s application for my career.

In the strategy session about school selection, Poonam carried out a detailed discussion on selection of schools, and I was happy with the outcome. In the counselling session, I was provided a detailed instruction on essays, resume and LoRs. Poonam conducted a comprehensive review of my resume, and I was happy with the final product. Overall, it was much sharper. The selection of stories, content, structure and organization of my stories and positioning were spot on. She did her best to highlight my strengths.

Poonam provided top notch editing services (Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation), and trimmed my essays to the allowed word limit. Throughout the process, she answered all my queries in a timely manner and scheduled phone calls as and when I requested. The turnaround time was good and was in fact better than what was agreed between us. On some of the occasions, when things got delayed at my end, Poonam went above and beyond to ensure that the submission on deadlines was not affected.

Poonam’s guidance on LOR was nice, too. She highlighted how LOR and stories should complement each other. I was able to share the feedback I received from Poonam with my recommender which resulted in a cohesive story. I was happy with interview prep. I received comprehensive feedback after mock interview session -both verbal and written. I was made aware of certain things I was doing unconsciously such as plenty of hand movements which I worked upon post my feedback from Poonam.

I had an excellent experience of working with Poonam. More importantly, the softer aspect such as motivation and encouragement provided at crucial juncture of application process helped me a lot. I have received admission offer from McCombs with scholarship, interviewed with Duke Fuqua, and have been waitlisted by Stern and Haas.

Thanks a lot, Poonam, for your support. I am immensely grateful for the help provided during the application process. Definitely, I would recommend the MER services to prospective applicants.

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December 25, 2021

Joined: Dec 25, 2021

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Admitted to Chicago Booth MBA program. Thanks, Poonam

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I chose MER because of the following reasons:
1. Good feedback from public
2. 10+ years experience
3. English PhD background
4. Good at storytelling

I signed up for the essay review service. During our engagement, we had two long counseling sessions on Zoom. The sessions were helpful and provided me with a detailed feedback for my essays and how to improve them.

Poonam provided a lot of useful comments/suggestions about my story and how to improve it and make it strong. After her editing, the structure became much better than before, and all essays were completed within the words limit. The editing process made my writing easier to understand and more concise. Also, the editing made my story stronger. Poonam’s turnarounds were also on time. She always sent me back the edited essay within two days. We finished the essays before the deadline.

I am admitted to Chicago Booth MBA program. I would recommend MER services to prospective applicants.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system or .edu email address and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
December 23, 2021

Joined: Oct 15, 2016

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640 Q46 V32

I availed MER services because I needed objective feedback and advice on my resume, essays, and letters of recommendation. I believe that well-written, polished, and impactful stories will increase my chances of getting admitted to business school. I also read highly positive reviews on GMATClub, where I learned that the pricing on MER’s service packages is comparatively much lower than the exorbitantly priced services of other consultants. Therefore, I could have all my documents reviewed by a professional without breaking the bank.

1. Free consultation

I was impressed with the free consultation. Poonam took the time to review my short profile before the consultation. We discussed my goals, schools I have chosen, timing of application submission, among others. Since it was a free consultation, my signing up for MER services was not yet certain. However, Poonam approached me as if I were already her client, so the free consultation was incredibly informative and helpful. By then, I knew that Poonam was my best choice as consultant. Immediately after the consultation, I signed up and paid for the 3 schools basic package.

2. 1- hour counseling session on Zoom:

Poonam and I scheduled our 1-hour counseling session after I submitted to her the accomplished brainstorming questionnaire and the initial drafts of my resume, goals essay, and leadership essay. It was also the perfect opportunity to understand each other’s working style and personality. Through this counseling session, we had a fruitful discussion as we ran through each of my submitted documents. She gave me a lot of useful pointers on how to improve them. I liked her idea of starting the essay writing process with my third school of choice before proceeding to the essays of my second choice and finally, my top choice. She explained that as I slowly get used to writing essays, I could produce the best outputs for my dream business school. Finally, I sought her opinion on my choice of recommenders, and she advised me to explain my decision on it in my optional essays. At first, I only thought about explaining my employment gap in those essays, so without Poonam’s advice, I probably would have had a glaring missing piece of information in my applications.

3. Essays: Content (Understanding your profile and positioning of stories):

Poonam’s brainstorming questionnaire helped me draw out stories and ideas that I could use in my essays. She ran through my responses in the questionnaire and gave her comments on them. She also pointed out which of my responses did not sufficiently address the question so that I could choose another topic. The questionnaire served as a pool of ideas for the essays and gave Poonam a deeper understanding of my profile especially on my personal traits, family background, interests, and memorable experiences. She used the information to give me the most appropriate feedback and advice when reviewing my drafts. For essay topics that were not part of the questionnaire, I wrote two short stories for her and she explained to me which of the two stories would be the better choice for my essay. Lastly, Poonam made me realize that the best way to address the essay prompt is to break it down into parts and answer each of those components before combining all of them to make one cohesive essay.

4. Structure/ organization: (Organizing details to make the story flow better):

Poonam taught me how to best present my ideas through the sequence or flow of my story. Her most important advice regarding essay structure was about using the STAR method to address behavioral essay questions. This method served as my guide in writing the leadership essay.

5. Editing Skills: (Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation):

Poonam is a master in editing. She rephrased some of my awkwardly written or lengthy sentences to make them sound natural without changing my tone or writing style. Word limit was one of the biggest challenges that I encountered in essay writing. I had to remove some parts of my story to comply with it. Poonam, however, revived those parts by shortening other wordy portions of my essay, so we could retain all key details of my story without compromising the word count. Also, she replaced some adjectives with more powerful ones and changed my sentences from passive voice to active voice whenever possible. Poonam handled the editing of my essays with great care and attention.

6. Resumé Review:

The resume review was immensely useful in crafting a resume that was a lot more impressive than my first draft. Through her brainstorming questionnaire and 1-hour consultation, Poonam identified parts of my career and personal experiences that I failed to include in my resume, such as higher-level responsibilities I undertook at an early career position, volunteer experience, and interests/hobbies. She also suggested that I quantify the results of my career achievements using numbers and percentages so that the reader will understand the impact of my contributions to the company. Lastly, Poonam instructed me to simplify finance and accounting jargon that I used in my draft. All these changes drastically improved my resume.

7. LOR Review:

Like her review on my essays and resume, her advice on the LORs was as detailed and thorough. She made her revisions without changing the writing style of my recommenders. She also provided valuable advice on addressing the requirements of the LORs, each of which had a different format, and helped choose which among my strengths and weaknesses my recommenders could highlight in each LOR.

8. Answering queries:

Poonam answered my questions with detailed responses in a timely manner. One of her most informative answers is related to my concern on the recommendation letters. I wanted to know how one of my recommenders, who is my mentor at a language institute, could comment on my leadership skills. She gave me an in-depth explanation including examples on how leadership skills can be demonstrated other than by managing people and teams. All the advice she provided me during the entire process has been incredibly insightful.

9. Turnarounds (Response time):

Poonam was true to her word. She returned my drafts with her edits within her stated turnaround time of 24-48 hours. Most of the time, she does it within 24 hours, so our progress moved at a reasonable pace. In fact, we finished two weeks ahead of our agreed deadline.

Poonam exceeded all my expectations. Through her thorough review and guidance, the final products were far more effective, straightforward, crisp, and concise than the original drafts. I am beyond satisfied with how everything turned out to be. Initially, writing the essays was an overwhelming and stressful task for me, but with her assistance, it gradually became an enjoyable activity. It was also learning process for me.

Beyond her impressive storytelling and editing skills, Poonam is genuinely interested in seeing her clients succeed, so she did not treat our partnership simply as a consultant-client relationship. Her assistance to me over the past few months felt more personal. Not only did she provide constructive feedback and points for improvement on all my outputs, but she also praised my work whenever I did a good job. I found that very inspiring and motivating. I am deeply grateful for her sincerity and thoughtfulness.

Because I was applying to Japanese business schools, I feared that consultants will not take my applications seriously or will not prioritize it as much as they do for applications to Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD or any other big-name school. When Poonam showed support in my goal of studying and working in Japan during the free consultation, that fear was put to rest. She also explained that the best business school is the one that provides a program that is most closely aligned with one’s career goals, so chasing after the top-ranking business schools like most people do may not be always appropriate.

If I were given the chance, I would gladly work with Poonam again. That said, I highly recommend MER to prospective applicants.

I have received admission offers from my dream school, Hitotsubashi ICS, with a nomination for the prestigious government scholarship, Waseda, and NUCB. Thank you very much for your kindness, patience, and dedication!

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November 10, 2021

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700 Q47 V39

Oxford Saïd – Offer received!


I signed up for MER services for support for my MBA narrative and essays. Before contacting MER, I had already chosen my preferred programme but was unsure of how I should present my story. In my 5-year career, I have worked in different capacities in several sectors. I was clear on the next step I wanted to take but I was not clear on which highlights from my career I should stress and how I could tie my experiences to my post-MBA goals.

After looking at several other MBA consultants, I chose MER because I wanted to work with Poonam. Her profile as a Ph.D in English with three decades of experience helping people craft compelling stories for business school applications convinced me that she would help me define and refine my essays in a clear and comprehensive manner.

During the counseling session with Poonam, we discussed my profile, goals, and ambitions. We conducted a review of my resume and post-MBA goals. The counseling session was well-structured and productive. We discussed my overall profile and purpose for pursuing an MBA; at the end of the session, we agreed on which achievements and strengths should be highlighted to bring the two pieces together. Poonam brought a professional and disciplined approach to the session. We worked slightly over the expected session time, giving me confidence that I was working with a consultant that was invested in my success.

During the resumé building process, Poonam was patient and informative. Through helpful probing questions, Poonam helped guide me to reformat my resume to concentrate on my achievements and specific contributions to each role. Poonam’s advice helped my work experience come to life. There was a significant difference between my first and final resumé draft.

Poonam and I spent a large portion of our counseling session discussing my professional and personal profile. I proposed which stories should be highlighted and Poonam provided her feedback. Poonam’s inputs regarding story selection helped emphasize my personal values and career ambitions in my post-MBA career goals essays and additional essays. Poonam consistently provided strong technical advice to improve the structure and organisation of my essays. From Poonam’s feedback, I could better understand how the reader would interpret my essays and what questions they would ask. Poonam helped me eliminate vague and passive passages from my essays and highlight my strengths and achievements. Poonam also provided valuable guidelines, such as the STAR framework for situational questions, that helped me tell my story in a clear and fluid manner.

Poonam’s editing skills are top notch. Her input on sentence structure, grammar and punctuation helped me to craft well-structured and compelling essays that I am proud of. For the majority of my essays, we had to trim 10-20% of the words to meet the word limit. Poonam’s advice on where to trim and where to add substance to my essays gave me confidence and helped bring out the authenticity and originality in my story.
Throughout my 4-month engagement with MER, Poonam was always very prompt and professional in responding to queries via email. The tone of our email exchanges was always friendly and productive. MER’s turnarounds and response times were consistent and reliable from the start. Each question or edit was answered within 1-3 business days. Poonam is organised and possesses strong collaboration skills. From the very start of our engagement, I felt as though I was part of a team. Poonam’s set strict turnaround guidelines compelled me to push myself to meet deadlines and produce my best work. Poonam’s organisation on a tight schedule helped me to produce a final MBA package that was complementary and comprehensive.

Poonam asked me to think critically about each component of my MBA application, highlighting my strengths and addressing my weaknesses. My low undergraduate GPA was the one glaring weakness in my application I was especially concerned about. Poonam advised me to address my low GPA head on in my additional essays, describing the circumstances that led to it and assuring the admissions committee that it is not inaccurate indication of my abilities or potential. Poonam provided me with strong technical guidance to mitigate my weaknesses and highlight my strengths throughout the editing process. Both of my recommenders produced drafts of the LOR’s. Poonam’s feedback helped align my recommendations with my qualities.

I was elated when I received an invitation to interview Oxford Business School. The interview prep offered by Poonam challenged me during the interview prep to think critically about the “why” behind each facet of my application. Our mock interview lasted 45 minutes, afterwards Poonam’s verbal and written feedback pinpointed specific strengths and weaknesses in my presentation and profile, helping to better position me for success during the live interview.

It was a pleasure to work with Poonam. Poonam is a skilled storyteller and possesses expert editing skills. Throughout our engagement, I was impressed by Poonam’s professional and organised approach as well as her encouraging and warm persona. I have received an offer from the Oxford MBA:) Thank you, Poonam, for your guidance throughout this process!!

I recommend her without reservations to any prospective MBA candidate who is searching for a consultant to help tell their story in a compelling and comprehensive manner.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
July 22, 2021

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Accepted into UCLA Anderson’s FEMBA program. Thanks, Poonam, for your help !

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I wanted to work with someone who can help me articulate my story and ideas in the form of an essay. I was less than three weeks away from my deadline and wanted someone who can guide me through in the short challenging time frame. I am glad I chose MER services. I chose MER services because I was very much impressed with Poonam’s profile on GMAT Club and how she had helped other students who were in similar situations like me.

The counseling session on Zoom was the most informative session. Poonam was extremely detail oriented which really helped me to converse with her. She made me understand that there were some key aspects that were missing in my draft essay, which I should highlight. The session helped us organize our essay in much better way. The outcome showed in our final versions. Poonam did extremely well in understanding my profile and my stories. The zoom session as stated above helped us better position my story.

Organizing details of my story was one of the most important aspects for me. Poonam has done a great job in organizing and structuring my essay .My personal experiences draft essay word count was almost 500 words above the limit. It would not have been possible to edit it without Poonam’s expertise in organizing the essay and structuring it in a way to retain the important aspects and staying within the word limit. Poonam’s editing skills are flawless. I am happy to have chosen Poonam to work on my essays. I had a ton of queries and Poonam was very patient to answer them all. Thanks to the zoom session.

Finally, Poonam’s turnaround time is commendable. She delivered the essays as promised on time and I was able to meet my application deadline. It wouldn’t have been possible without her quick response.

I am extremely happy to have chosen Poonam’s services to work on my essays. I am accepted into Anderson’s FEMBA program. I would definitely recommend Poonam to prospective students.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system or .edu email address and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
June 29, 2021

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As I completed the GMAT test and planned for the last round of applications to 4 programs, I was looking for some guidance on the challenging essays and other application aspects. With some amazing reviews for MER and finding great synergy in the introductory call with Poonam Ma’am, the decision was an easy one that I would love to work with MER. Poonam Ma’am was clear from the outset and really enjoyed her candid personality while ensuring we hit the right areas from the get-go. The application expectations set from the outset were just what I needed, and I think this started us off on the right footing.

I cannot say how helpful these sessions were. During the second session, I was a little lost with the essay prompt and it certainly helped clarify what the essay was asking just so I can clear my thinking in the middle of a pressure cooker application season. Following on from the initial Skype session, Poonam Ma’am clearly understood the various themes in my persona to bring out. Be it what to highlight or a fresh set of ideas, the overall guidance Poonam Ma’am provided during the applications was fabulous.

There certainly were so many occasions while working with Ma’am that I would write long-winded statements and just jot my ideas to put something together for the essays. However, the real nuance and flow and theme came through once I received feedback from Poonam Ma’am. I can confidently say that even after completing the applications when I go back and read the essays I feel like the push from MER and the constant egging-on allowed me to produce diamond from coal.

Editing was one of the highlights for me. There were innumerable occasions where rambling ideas and run-on sentences were written by me. Once Poonam Ma’am edited them and fixed the structure and grammatical issues, the crispness and impact were clear to see.

Resume was my favorite assignment. When we started off working together, I felt my resume was great – little did I know there was so much work needed. I also think this is a great first project and ensures the application flows smoothly as one is forced to think about the structure of the resume and it then naturally lends to thinking deeper on the projects undertaken for stories for the essays. The review of the inputs from my recommenders was very helpful to ensure they bring out the right talking points. This greatly helped them as well.

Poonam Ma’am was always on-top of the application process. I could not have asked for a better partner for the stressful application season. 11/10 – can I give it that rating? Always on time and to the point. I felt Poonam Ma’am provided me the much-needed personal attention with ensuring the applications go through on time. I am happy to have chosen Poonam Ma’am as my partner for the applications. I would more than recommend Poonam Ma’am to any student looking for someone who will understand your persona and achievements. Not just that, at every stage of the application process, the rich experience on working with multiple applications is something you will notice. While it may not be clear initially – trust her process. It is a tried and tested method. Be prepared to dig deep since that is what will bring out your best application. Poonam Ma’am will give you a free hand to create your own painting while also ensuring you receive candid feedback if veering off-course. I can easily say my applications turned out far better than I anticipated when commencing on this journey.

I have really enjoyed working with you Ma’am. I am thrilled to say that over the last 10 days, I have received great news from all the 4 schools- Booth, Haas, UCLA, and Foster. Chicago provided an early admit just this afternoon.. I have decided to attend Haas.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system or .edu email address and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
June 05, 2021

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Received admit offers from UCLA Anderson and Berkeley Haas


I wanted to ensure I provide the best possible essays for my application such that I can highlight unique aspects of my story and ensure it aligns with the guidance from the Ad Comms. Based on the online reviews, I decided to sign up for Poonam’s help with my essays.

1- hour Zoom Session was the most productive and game- changing part of my essay writing experience. Poonam clearly explained how a reader who does not know me perceives my story. She pushed me to probe myself deeper and identify unique aspects of my identity to complete the stories written in my essay. This session also helped us align on which aspects to highlight for which specific essay and how to balance between various attributes and cultural elements that B schools are looking for. Poonam spent a lot of time understanding my profile, and background and helped position the appropriate stories for the required essays. After we finalized the content, Poonam worked her magic through my essay drafts by re-ordering the content to ensure a smooth flow for a story and made it easy to read.
Editing is Poonam’s greatest strength. She made magic happen by editing the essays, reducing the word count by 200 words, and still highlighting the gist of the story and the emotions behind it. Her turnarounds were quick, and she was highly responsive in answering queries.
I have secured admits at UCLA Anderson, and Berkeley Haas! Getting these admits has been a dream come true, and her feedback and editing skills have made a huge difference. Thank you very much for the excellent and timely help in making this possible.
I would highly recommend Poonam for essay and application services for B schools!

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May 14, 2021

Joined: Jun 15, 2016

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Accepted into UCLA’s EMBA program. Thanks, Poonam

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I signed up for MER services to have an expert eye in order to maximize my approval rate as it was the first time, I applied to USA business school. The 1-hour counselling session we had was the crux of whole service, because this provided both of us a very good overview of personalities, ask and expectation. I was excited and amazed to learn that Poonam captured every minute detail I presented to her during our call and used it in the essays. In fact, she reminded me to include some very crucial points to gain competitive advantage. Very helpful. She did a perfect job not only in understanding my profile but also capturing every bit of information and helped me in positioning in my essay. As a result, the outcome of essays was exactly the way I wanted.

The story flow and organization of essays was great, so the outcome was beyond my expectation. Poonam has edited more than 10000 essays and still counting, so I think I am amateur to comment on her editing skills. The resumé review was perfect, too . Poonam was always very professional and on time with clear deadlines. This definitely helped me moving at her pace to meet the end results. She met all of my expectations listed on the MER website. My experience of working with Poonam was wonderful and very professional. I’ll not hesitate to recommend Poonam’s services to anyone.

I am accepted into the EMBA program of UCLA. Thank you, Poonam for your services.

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