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Help me make a selection-MSF

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Joined: 02 Jan 2019
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Help me make a selection-MSF  [#permalink]

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New post 20 Feb 2019, 23:15
Thank you for taking the time of reading my thread, I recently got a BBA with a specialty in Finance from an average university. I am currently looking to go to grad school to pursue my education in Finance with an MSF. I would love some feedback and help to make a selection for some specific school.
Profile Evaluation:
Age: 26
GMAT: 650 ( Q41, V39, IR 7) - Looking to retake and aim for a better score.
GPA: 2.60/4 ( A big stain on my profile with some exception for the class of Finance/Accounting/Stat/options and investment with the grade of A's or B's)
Experience: none, only help out my dad with is business- not really relevant I guess for B-school
Nationalities: French

Here is the list I made ( I am hoping to reduce it to a top 4) :
Texas A&M May- Stem
Purdue-not stem
Villanova-not stem
Feel free to add any suggestion.

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Joined: 30 Nov 2009
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Location: Chicago, IL
Schools: Brown University, Harvard Business School
Re: Help me make a selection-MSF  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Feb 2019, 16:45
It's tough to give you definitive direction with knowing more about you & your post-degree career goals, but here are some general tips to help you narrow down your list! Generally speaking, you want to hit a school's averages when it comes to undergrad GPA as well as GMAT score. If you are below their average the school will be more of a reach, if you've hit their average or are just slightly above it you will typically be competitive, and if you have far exceeded their averages the school will likely be more of a safety school for you. That said, GMAT & GPA are just one piece of the puzzle. Hitting or exceeding a school's averages by no means guarantees admission, and likewise a lower than average GMAT/GPA does not mean you don't have a chance at that school. Schools are also keen to see what you've demonstrated in terms of impact at work (and in your case if you've done anything finance-related with your dad's business that would definitely be relevant) and they also want to see what you plan to do following the degree since your whole argument for why you need to go to grad school rests on those future career goals. You want to be able to make a strong argument for why that school in particular is the perfect fit for you & your career goals. In other words, do they have any unique electives that align with what you plan to do or professors who specialize in something relevant to your goals?

In your case, I'd wait to get your final GMAT score before you finalize your school selection since it will be an especially important factor in compensating for the low GPA. In your case, I'd also err on the side of schools where you hit or exceed the GMAT average. When you already have the low GPA, it's unlikely you'll get into a school if your GMAT is below their average as well.

In terms of your specific concerns with your low GPA, that will be a challenge, especially if it's from an average school, but a strong GMAT (720+) will help outweigh it. Depending on the reason for your low GPA you may also want to briefly address it in the optional essay. If you had an external reasons that contributed (medical or financial issues faced by you or a close family member, having to work your way through school to pay for tuition, etc) you could highlight those. Even if you did not have external reasons, if you showed improvement (low GPA in early years but higher in year 3 or 4) that can also be something to highlight, with a note that the later years are a better representation of your abilities. Or if your low grades were all in non-business related classes you could point that out as well (again ideally with a brief explanation as to why). I wasn't totally sure if that's what you meant in your post or not.

Hope that helps!
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Help me make a selection-MSF

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