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Manhattan's Thursdays With Ron consolidated video index

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Manhattan's Thursdays With Ron consolidated video index  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Aug 2016, 02:26
Here is a consolidated index of all the videos by Ron Purewal( Thank you Ron for these free videos lessons!), Manhattan Prep Gmat. It has been difficult for me to find the videos topic-wise. So I made this list. Hope it helps you too, and would definitely save your 1.5 hours of indexing works! :D Please give kudos if you like :D

General verbal strategy:

(timing strategy)


Sentence Correction Methods

1.Miscellaneous Topics

2.Parallelism, Ambiguous Sentences & Comparisons of Quantities

3.Parallelism and Placement of Helping Verbs

4.use of "based on", "due to", "including" Sentence Correction: appositive modifiers" SC: appositive modifiers

5. A New Way to Study Sentence Correction Sentence Correction: Verb Tense Basics

6.Verb Tense

7."Which" Modifiers & Ambiguous Pronouns

9."Which" Modifiers

10.Miscellaneous Comparisons

11.More problems with COMPARISONS (PDF slides only) ... 172011.pdf

12.Meaning and Modifiers

13.Use of -ING forms

14.Use of "AND"

15.The Use of "AND" as a Connector

Miscellaneous problems with Comma + _ING and overall structure issues.

16.Modifier Workshop, part 1

17.Modifier Workshop, Part 2

Sentences with Initial Modifiers

18.Numerical comparisons

Focusing on the Intended Meaning

19. Overall sentence structure issues

Problems with Connecting Punctuation

Problems with Migratory Words

Understanding Intended meaning


Narrowing the Possibilities Before Reading

Personalizing the Passages


2.Boldface Questions

3.Decoding Prompts (CR lesson starts after coordinate geometry!,around half way)

4.Explain the Situation problems

5.strengthen/weaken and evaluate the argument problems

6.Inference & Suggestion Questions

9.More Problems with Blanks in the Prompt

10.Draw the conclusion / Most strongly supported

11.Problems: Numbers and Statistics (the Overlap between verbal and quantitative reasoning)

12.Problems with Numbers and Statistics (part 2)

13.More Strengthen/Weaken Problems

15.Explain the Situation Problems

Passages Containing Statistics

(video after half section)

Prompts Containing Blanks

Defining specific goals

"Must be True" Questions

1.Long Passages & Main Idea Questions

2.Short Passages & Miscellaneous Question Types

3.A Trick for Finding the Main Idea

4. More on inference & suggestion questions

Approaching Highly Technical Passages


2.Efficient Choice of Variables in Word Problems, and Weighted Averages

3.Backup Methods

4.Absolute Value Equations

5.Inequality Workshop, Part 1

6.Coordinate Geometry( half critical reasoning!)

7.Rate/Time/Distance and Digits

8.Inequality Workshop, Part 2 (ps+ds)

9.Applications of Prime Factorizations

11.Sequence Notation

12.Flexibility in Problem Solving

14.problems on which traditional algebra doesn't work


17.Absolute Values and Unit Conversions

18.Unit Conversion Problems, Rate problems with Hypothetical Cases, Mixture Problems


20.Organization for Word Problems

21.Averages: Sums and Sequences

22.Ratios and Rates Problems

23.Rate Problems Workshop

24.Flexibility in Problem Solving, Part 1

25. Inequalities Workshop Part 3

26. Statistics: Standard deviation and median

27.Problems involving sums

28.Fractions, Percents, and Ratios

Maximizing & Minimizing Problems

misc geometry problems

coordinate geometry

Using the Prompt Information

1."IF" statements in Data Sufficiency

2.Number Line problems, part 1

3.Number Line Problems, part 2

4.Problems with Unknown Angles

5.coordinate geometry

6.A Firm Foundation for Data Sufficiency Coordinate Geometry DS, part 2


The 'C' Trap

7.Testing Cases


problems on which algebra is not your friend

Setting Goals in Data Sufficiency

Problems with 'Upfront' Work

1.Examples from Integrated Reasoning

2.Integrated Reasoning


3.Timing Considerations


4.AWA Essay Guidelines & Tips

Ron Purewal videos link:

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Re: Manhattan's Thursdays With Ron consolidated video index  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Sep 2018, 06:45
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Manhattan's Thursdays With Ron consolidated video index &nbs [#permalink] 25 Sep 2018, 06:45
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Manhattan's Thursdays With Ron consolidated video index

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