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need quant advice urgently

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Joined: 06 Dec 2017
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need quant advice urgently  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jan 2018, 12:41
Just took the GMAT 3 hours ago, score: 700 Q44 V44.
Given that I wish to apply for MSc finance and that I need q49/q50 to make up for my lack of a 'quantitative undergraduate degree', q44 is a bit of a disaster and i promptly canceled my score. I seized up and began panicking for the first 2 questions and am quite positive that i got them both wrong. I've never before ever had test-fright like it :cry: sweating, fidgeting, dropping pens....i guess i just wasn't used to a computer test with 3 walls around my desk and a hard-ish mixture/averages question. even after those 2 i couldn't quite focus on any slightly difficult, 600-700 range questions for the rest of the exam, largely because i kind of knew i'd screwed up big time.

I intend to retake the test again asap (3rd of Feb) due to looming application deadlines in the middle of next month. I had a good 3-4 month serious revision period, went through the MGMAT books and did 4 CATs (2 MGMAT and 2 GMATprep in order) getting Q45, Q46, Q48 and Q49. on a daily basis i did around 15-20 700-level quant questions on this site and whilst i did struggle with the more challenging probability and RTW/DST questions, i barely even saw them on my test. I really dont know if this result was a randomly tragic anomaly, if my level is not high enough or if i just went in cold.
Given that this was such a train-wreck, i'm not too sure where exactly the fault lies.

What are '700-level' questions on this website? Are these questions which would challenge even a Q50 scorer or are they just the top 10% hardest on the GMAT. At the same time, i've heard of candidates scoring q49/50 even though they periodically skip the 5-6 hardest 700-level questions. I'm considering practicing more 600-700 level questions so i dont get caught out.
considering that i have just over 2 weeks, does anyone have a method/experience in going from q44 to at least q49 in such a time?

Maybe even starting the test with verbal section so that im not that 'cold' when i do get to the quant section. anybody who's had success with such an approach please let me know :-)
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Re: need quant advice urgently  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jan 2018, 07:23
Top Contributor
Hi takasar12,

First off, congratulations on the excellent score of 700. It is not trivial to get this score. I know you were expecting a higher score but the GMAT is not an easy test. There is a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety during the real test. I would suggest that you take timed practice sets and do them in a neutral location(a quiet library, or a conference room at work, anywhere but home). As far as the resources to practice, I would suggest GMATPrep Question Pack 1(one can create mock tests of 37 questions and do them in 75 mins, I describe them in this post: ... l#p1540930, and also the four computer adaptive tests in Official GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 and 2, these are paid ones but they are worth the price.

Other than that it is really about honing your problem solving skills, which are critical for the harder problems, and also squeezing out time from the easier/standard problems. And of course you need to ratchet up your accuracy levels, meaning at the upper level one cannot afford to make careless mistakes. So check your work, and double check it while maintaining the pace.

Best wishes,
GMAT Club Bot
Re: need quant advice urgently   [#permalink] 22 Jan 2018, 07:23
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need quant advice urgently

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