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New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!

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New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jul 2018, 23:24

Best Reply functionality on GMAT Club.

Q1. What is a Best Reply/Most Helpful Reply?

Every discussion has lots of replies. Some are great, some are just one liner(e.g. "My answer is C") and some are bad replies with the wrong explanation. Although we have cleaned thousand of such posts in the past few months, still some(or maybe most) of the "best/helpful" replies are in the middle or end of the discussion and the test taker needs to go through all the explanations to find out the best one. Some people are lazy enough to look at the explanations and they go ahead and ask the same question again (which has been discussed 100s of times). So, our idea is to bring all the Good and helpful replies at the Top so that every test taker has access to most common doubts and the explanations given for such doubts.

Q2. How many types of Best Replies do we have?

We will have two types of Best Replies:
1. Most Helpful Expert Reply
2. Most Helpful Community Reply

Q3. Which all forums are impacted?

Following forums are impacted:
1. Problem Solving
2. Data Sufficiency
3. Sentence Correction
4. Critical Reasoning
5. Reading Comprehension

Q4. How can a reply be made a best reply?

Our automated system is intelligent enough to pick both types of best replies from the forum and bring them at the top. The post with maximum Kudos + Bookmarks will be pulled up. But as you know there might be some bad posts that have received enough kudos to surpass the best posts and hence such bad posts are pulled up by the system. If that is the case, go ahead report such posts. Some one among us will unmark such posts and you will be able to see the best post at the right place. Two types of users have the option to make any post a best reply:

1. Every Moderator
2. Every user who has been active on the forum for more than 6 months AND has more than 100 Kudos AND and has made 200 helpful posts on the forum.

Q5. I am the user of this forum but I don't meet the requirements you mentioned above. Can't I make any post a best reply?

Of course you can! The best way to make good posts a best reply is to give Kudos to the right posts so that such posts are automatically moved up by the system OR open a report and mention that that post should be made a best reply.

Q6. Why can I see only one type of Best Reply? Where is the other one?

This happens when there isn't any post made by that category of user(expert/community) OR such posts exists but without Kudos. If the latter case is valid, go ahead and help the system to know it's a best reply by giving Kudos to such posts.

Q7. How to assign Best reply?

Every user who meets the criteria mentioned above will be able to see the button as shown below. Just go ahead, click on the button, follow the steps and you are done.


Q8. There is a reply that isn't a best reply but it still exists in the Most helpful reply area. How can I remove it?

a) If you are the user who meets the requirements mentioned above, you will be able to see Unmark option as shown below:


b) If you are the user who doesn't meet the requirements mentioned above, you can always open a report as shown below and add your comments there. I am sure one of us will help you very soon.


Q9. Who can answer the other questions I have about Best Reply Functionality?

No worries, post them down there! We will be happy to help!

Happy learning!Enjoy!

P.S: We welcome your feedback!

Best Reply Mark.jpg
Best Reply Mark.jpg [ 13.9 KiB | Viewed 4004 times ]
Unmark Best reply.jpg
Unmark Best reply.jpg [ 11.92 KiB | Viewed 4002 times ]
Report Best reply.jpg
Report Best reply.jpg [ 11.8 KiB | Viewed 4001 times ]

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Best Reply Functionality on GMAT Club!
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Re: New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Aug 2018, 22:54
Very informative post I must say! There are lots of info I got here. Thanks :thumbup:
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Re: New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Nov 2018, 02:21
Great feature. I like this a lot. Hope you guys continue to make this site better
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Re: New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!  [#permalink]

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New post 15 Jul 2019, 05:41
Bumping the valuable post...

though it is very simple to read but it is important inculcate.
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Re: New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!   [#permalink] 15 Jul 2019, 05:41
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New Feature - Best Reply Functionality!

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