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New to the Off Topic forum? Please read this first.

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New to the Off Topic forum? Please read this first.  [#permalink]

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New post 04 Aug 2010, 19:43
Hello, and welcome to the Off Topic forum! This forum is open to a wide range of contributions and questions that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Above all, we're here to enjoy each other's company and have fun. However, while some may sense a more relaxed atmosphere here, the rules do still apply. We must remember, in the interest of the community, to uphold certain guidelines in order to ensure a safe, friendly, informative, and supportive environment. Along with a positive outlook, the first step toward this goal is to review the GMAT Club’s official list of rules. Please refer to the following link at your convenience:

The information provided so far should be sufficient for all members to have a positive experience at GMAT Club. However, a few rules especially apply to this forum and deserve further elaboration and emphasis. If, after reading this post, you still have questions, please PM the moderator for further assistance.

Incorrect Forum:
  • Please try to make sure that your post truly belongs in the Off Topic forum. If the post doesn’t belong, it will be relocated to a more appropriate place. This especially applies to the introductory “Hello, everyone!” or “Hi, I’m New Here” posts. Those belong here. And for problems related to the GMATClub website or your account, please visit here.

Excessive Posting:
  • While members are generally welcome to post as many legitimate comments as they want, try to keep things within a reasonable range during any given timeframe. Contributing 20 one-word posts in ten minutes, for example, will most likely result in disciplinary action and the removal of some posts.

  • A closely related issue deals with multiple posts containing links to other websites. Sharing legitimate links is acceptable, but be reasonable about this. GMAT Club is not your personal blog and treating it as such will result in disciplinary action and removal of said posts. While there is no specific number that cleanly separates an acceptable number of links or posts from too many, common sense should be enough to guide members on this issue.

Uncivil Posts:
  • Members are free to disagree with one another, as well as make their complaints known to others. However, it’s important to remain civil during these times. Any level of rudeness will NOT be tolerated. It’s also crucial to express yourself as clearly as possible. Vague complaints help nobody.

  • Try to avoid using profanity in your posts. With few exceptions, such words don't contribute to the discussion.

Troublesome Links:
  • When starting a new topic that contains a link from an outside source, briefly summarize what the link is about in the title. Elaborate on this within the post itself. Your description doesn’t need to be detailed or large, but it should be enough for members to have a reasonable idea of what to expect. A vague, non-informative title coupled with a mysterious link with no description will be deleted. Depending on the circumstances, disciplinary action may also occur.

  • Members should be especially careful with links that are considered “not safe for work” (NSFW). Applying common sense and decency should be enough to judge whether such a post will be welcomed on the forums. If you still feel compelled to post, make sure to warn other members by including the terms “NSFW” or “Not Safe for Work” in the title and post. Again, describe what the post is about.

  • Whether intentional or not, posting any links that contain a virus will result in a warning or ban, depending on the circumstances. The post will also be removed and the member will no longer be allowed to post anything in the Off Topic forum. Doing so would result in further disciplinary action. It’s crucial for members to interact in a safe setting, and any threat to that is taken very seriously.

  • Spammers will be automatically banned. If you come across spam posts, please ignore them and don’t respond.


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New to the Off Topic forum? Please read this first. &nbs [#permalink] 04 Aug 2010, 19:43
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New to the Off Topic forum? Please read this first.

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